Sunday, August 29, 2010

How i remove monday blues

I went Starbucks to claim my drink coupon during lunch, HV Starbucks forgotten to give me my coupon when i bought my tumbler last friday.
 This is the one that i bought last friday.

i thought i would get myself another limited edition tumbler to make my trip more worthy.. Look what happen... i bought 4 instead.. LOL.. oh well... I think i better exert more self control

I plan to get this only but end up getting more....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Starbucks tumblers at work

I think i have lost count of the number of tumblers i got so far.. lol..

The one on the far left is the latest addition, lol.. i bought it today at holland V starbucks.
I was told its OOS in many outlets... there r 2 designs for this series, i bought the other one last week n its at home.. LOL..

I think i will go back to do a stock take... lol..

Grab past-season items at the Starbucks Merchandise Sale

Starbucks Merchandise Sale:
Today (27aug2010) at 11:00am - Tomorrow at 7:00pm

I was there (today) at 11am sharp.. lol...
I can't believe my eyes when i was there, its empty, no que.. but there are already pp inside and all the metal tumblers are gone before the sale even starts.

I saw 2 ladies getting the last 2.. i wonder if they are staffs or customers who went really early.. oh well.. at least i managed to get the last venti tumbler.. lol..

These are what i have got today.....

I bought 4 bears, 3 mugs, 2 water bottles and 5 tumblers... I love starbucks tumblers... can't seem to get enough of it... lol...

The bears are priced at 2 for $22, mugs are priced at 3 for $18 ( the ones i bought, there are others of different pricing), Tumblers are sold at 2 for $15 regardless of size. multi colour bottles at 2 for $15 and can be mix n match with the tumblers. There are  2 other bottles which are $15 each or 2 for $28. I bought , the metal one as i already got the plastic one (i was tempted to get it though i have one at home already..) lol..

The bears and mugs are really cheap, but the tumblers are not since it come with drink coupons over the counter.The only plus points of getting them there is u get to buy those out of season ones.

The four bears i bought.. they r so cute.. i'm going to give a tumbler n a bear (valentine 2010 bear) to my sis for her BD.. lol..

I took out one of the mugs n use le.. lol..