Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last day of 2010

I can't believe it, its the last day of 2010... omg...
My last day was good so far... ELF emailed and shipped my purchase to vpost!!!!
Yipppy.. it took so long. i thought the purchase never went through.. i'm so glad it did.. my very 1st ELF haul...

In fact I did alot of online shopping lately. Some when through but some got rejected. Here is a list of my successful  and failed transaction, hope it help u gals to decide where to shop next year..


1. Cherry culture

I bought quite a few times from them, mainly NYX staffs. I buy when they have additional 20% off or when they are having 50% off.
I just realized (ya a bit late..) that its so much cheaper when you ship via vpost thougth they provide international shipping..
I'm not going to ship directly from now on... lol..

2. ELF

Since ELF Asia web site is up, its very difficult to buy form their USA web site, i managed to do it last week and tried again just now.

3. All Cosmetics Wholesale

This is the first time i bought from them, they are not as fast as cherry culture when comes to delivery but did deliver to vpost within a week. 

4. Illamasqua

This is the only UK web site i shop lately. the delivery is £8.50. I think its not much diff if i do it via vpost since i only bought from one site. It save me the trouble too.

(Actually i bought some staff from super drug too but it through CP via a friend.)


1. Stila

2.  Sephora 
i can even buy from them via vCONCIERGE

3. Drugstore
They claim that they don't accept international credit card, i really don't why they accept international order but not international credit card.

Etude house: Dr mascara fixer

As i mentioned yesterday, i bought this mascara base when i was in KL.
It work!!! LOL..
Its as good as the Anna Sui one i got but was way way much cheaper.. LOL..
I used it yesterday and again today.. No smudging... lol..

When i was there, i saw 2 type of  Dr mascara fixer. The SA mentioned that one is for natural effect and one is for dramatic effect.
I don't really understand what the diif.. lol.. oh well i bought the dramatic one. I never curl my eye lash so i guess no diff la... i'm only concern if it will help to hold my mascara and it does so i'm happy.. LOL..

The base is a milky liquid and come with a brush applicator.
i apply it on like how i applied my mascara.
I apply 2 coat of the base, dry a while and apply my mascara.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dr Jart

I have bought quite a few BB cream recently mainly from Skin 79, BRTC and Dr Jart.

I'm going to do a min review on the Dr Jart Rejuvenating BB cream (silver label).
I bought a 15ml tube @ $14.
It has quite a good coverage, a bit fair for my skin tone but still ok.
It has reasonable good oil control ability.
I can feel abit of shine on my face after a day but its not oily till i need to blot my face.

I have quite series open pore, this is before BB cream

Way much better after BB cream.. lol..

2 more goodies bag this week

I really really love goodies bags.. lol..

I went back for more, in fact,  twice this week.. lol..

This is the first goodies bag

Some of the items in the bags are:
Peeling gel: one for face and one for leg.
facial wash
BB compact
BB cream (10ml): skin 79 diamond series
Some samples

These are the 2 peeling gel, i think they are full size.. lol..

The 2nd goodies bag

This goodies bag consist of mainly full size items.
3 pc BRTC skin care: serum, cleanser and mask
Small tube of  BB cream (diamond series)  
P-style Esthetical Moisturising Lotion (30g)
Nakayoshi UV Cream SPF25 PA++

 The 3 BRTC skin care

Elianto Mask review

i bought 10pc of Elianto mask from my KL trip, they sre selling at RM6 per piece. Currently they are having promotion, 5 for RM15. Which mean they are less than $1.50 per piece.

I used the walnut one, i didn't really like it. First of all, the mask have a very strong fragrance. The smell is nice and sweet but its a bit to too strong for a mask.Too strong for me. The liquid that the mask was soaked in was quite greasy, i didn't like it. I prefer non greasy mask. The effect of the mask is average, maybe around the standard of my beauty diary but bear in mind, it cost twice as much. I still have nine to go (the ones in the top pic). I hope the rest are different.. LOL..

 I will try a few more before i condemn their mask.. lol..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Makeup Forever Haul

I missed the MUF sale last year and was determined to catch it this year..

Oh well.. it turn  out that there are nothing much actually.. Staffs are no doubt cheap but i think quite old.. lol..

i bought 4 lippies (2 for my sis), 2 ES and 2 pigments. The pigments are super old lor, i didn't realize till i got back. I'm so blind...

These are my 2 lippies

Quite neutral colour

The 2 pigments.. look at the manufacture date...

I quite like their ES casing.. lol.. so got 2...

Bio-essence Haul

My sis keep telling me how much she like bioessence.
i have never tried their products before and i find their customeer service sucks, never reply email etc....
I met a very nice SA recently and decide to give bio-essence a 2nd chance. LOL

 I bought 2 set of skincare. Find them very bulky to carry around so i threw away the packaging when i was on MRT.. lol.. Stuff all the products into the pouch that come with the skincare.

 The sets are really value for money.. lol.. It consist of a serum, face cream and a exfoliater, all are at half size.

 The Sa was quite generous and give my sis and i some samples.

 6 tubes of cleansers, 2 BB cream, 3 sample sets

My sis bought the 24K BIO-Gold, this is the new improved revision i think. My sis has the old one at home, the old one is quite thick but the new one has a better texture, not so think.

Mask Haul

A friend (went Taiwan for her business trip) helped me CP Wo De Xin Ji Mask and she bought Q mask for herself, she give me 3pcs to try ;)

The Q mask packaging is really cute..

What i like most is the double hooks. It allow the mask to fit much better than the other masks i used.
In fact i can walk around doing housework while i do my mask.

I shared 3 boxes of  Wo De Xin Ji Masks with my friends so we took 15 each.

I was at watson few days later and could not resist but bought another 2 boxes of mask (my beauty diary)
Its a lot more expensive but each box come with a min BB cream and a pc of premier my beauty diary mask.

KL makeup haul

I went KL for Xmas.. lol.. i did abit of shopping there.. lol..

From Etude house

We never have much sale for etude house in Singapore, i was really surprise when i saw prices down by 50% or even 70% in KL.. Omg...

I bought a few lip balms, ES, eye primers and mascara base

I always have smugging  problem with mascara, hope this base will help my lashes hold my mascara better..
I used this today will know if its work by end of the day.. lol..

I know anna sui one works for me but its a lot more expensive than this one.. lol..


The Sa give me 2 mini BB cream, the red box below the 2 tubes.
Plus 2pc of masks on the 1st pic.

In KL, they have a stamp n card system, every RM30 u earn a stamp and 3 stamps can earn u a gift which is how i got the 2 pc of masks.

From Watson

Things in watson etc Drugstore are not really cheap over there but i managed to get 2 maybelline lippies at less than $8 after 40% off in watson.

From Shills

There is a Shills stand alone store near the hotel i stay and i drop by..

I bought 10pc of mask @ RM39, i think its not very cheap, i tried one of  them once i got back to my hotel.
Its good, definitely much better than my beauty diary that i have being using..
Wonder if its a lot cheaper in Taiwan.. lol..

Their Bubble mask was on promo now RM25 instead od the usualy RM50plus.. i grab 2.. the Sa told me its for deep cleansing.

I used the pink one which is for sensitive skin, i find it soso only.. a good cleanser but not as good as the clay mask i have used. The green one is for oily skin.. will review once i used it ;)

From Elianto

Elianto is the 1st brand in my shopping list.. lol.. i have heard alot about it but have never went to grab anything...
Their things are not very cheap but they are having very good sale now.. so OMG the prices of the products now is too good to be missed.. up to 70% off and many of them are manufacture in 2010. Some are even newly launched things.. lol..

i bought a X'mas gift set, 1 baked ES, a glitter powder. The glitter powder is the only products i bought that is make in  china, the rest are either made in Korea or in Europe.

 The Gift sets consist of 3 ES which u can pick from a wide selection, a palette that hold the ES (2 colour to choose from, pink or green, i got the green one) and a mini mascara.

i bought 4 blushers (2 rounds n 2 palette) and 3 ES ( 1 single and 2 palette; one 4 my sis).

2 sets of nail polish at RM6 each.. yes... lol.. i really cannot believe my eyes when i saw the price.. lol..

Other than makeup, what i like most is masks.. lol... i grab one type each.. lol..

More hauls from Confirm Trading

I went down to Confirm trading again... yes... lol.. i just can't seem to get enough of their products...
I'm using alot of their products now... lol..

i bought 1 pc of hand and foot mask.. lol..

I tried both yesterday.. goood... lol.. gave my 2 sis each a set... let see if they like it.. lol...

I bought 15ml Dr Jart+ BB cream : black , silver and premium one.
the picture above is the Premium one, i used it today.. 
It has quite a good coverage, abit fair for my skin tone but still ok.
I'm waiting for the day to end and to check its oil control ability.. lol..

Confirm Trading (S) Pte Ltd TGIF: Xmas Stocking Stuffing Surprise TLC Package @ $28 SGD

Xmas Stocking Stuffing Surprise TLC Package @ $28 SGD

My sis and i got our 1st package on monday (19dec) and we was so satisfy with what we got, that my sis went back again and got both of us another package each.

All the package come with at least a BB cream ;) mainly Skin 79 one.

These are what i got.

I bought 2 package in the 1st day and 1 on the 2nd day.

2 of the packages are mine and one is for my friend.. lol.. She love her package too.. lol..

This package is full of skincare with  1 BB cream full size,  a BB compact, a concealer and a sample BB cream set.


The other package has a paper mask,  a tube of mask and BB cream as well


The last package is pretty special as they replace my samples with their new  Rojukiss Whitening Range‏ sample upon my request. ;)




 I got a serum, a facial wash, a bb cream, a bb compact and a bb balm


 Some samples as well.. lol..