Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Collective mask hauls

More mask hauls..... just pic....

 Elisha mask

 LUS mask
 Lovemore mask

Mask haul

Everyone who knows me know I get carried away easily and yes… I’m really into mask lately and don’t be surprise to see a lot of mask hauls…. Lol..

Few month back, when the sample store is having mask samples for grabs, I grab a sexy look mask and I quite like so I have being hunting around for it since then. SASA and venues do sell them but at a marked price. I’m not willing to pay the price.. LOL…

Few days back, I found a web site that has promotion for sexy look and of course I grab without hesitation. There are a total of 5 types for the series that I bought, they are:

Yellow (Radiance Double Lifting Mask)
Ingredients: Bird Nest + Salmon Gold Caviar
Purpose: Moisturizing, Whitening, Firming and Improve skin elasticity
Blue (Whitening Double Lifting Masks)
Purpose: Whitening
Ingredients: Pearl + Hylauronic acid

Red (Firming Double Lifting Masks)
Purpose: Moisturizing, anti-aging, regenerating, brightening
Ingredients:Red Wine + Platinum Essence

Green (Moisturizing Double Lifting Masks)
Purpose: brightening, moisturizing
Ingredients: Q10 + Aloe Vera

Purple (Brightening Double Lifting Masks)
Purpose: brightening, whitening, moisturizing and firming
Ingredients: Gem Peptide + Tranexamic Acid

I bought the first 4 types as only these are on promotion then,

Arrival of our masks
My sis opening the delivery

We bought 4 types od sexy look masks

Something wrong with Blogger again

Arrr... i can't reply comment again... blogger is having problems really often now....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Preparation for My Beauty Diary (MBD) Mask review

Hi readers, I’m getting bored so was brain storming on what I can do. Plus I have being buying a lot of mask lately. So I thought it will be nice if I do an extensive My Beauty Diary (MBD) Mask review ;) I was digging my loots at home yesterday and discovered that I have so many types of MBD mask. LOL… I don’t think I have all they produced but definitely a high percentage of what they have in the market so far. I started using them and is preparing for the extensive review now… LOL…

I have used them when I first bought them but will be using them again to write the review. It will take me a while to complete the review so mean while, just a brief update.

Here is a list of mask that I own:

Southern France Apricot Mask
Q10 Rejuvenating
Mixed Berry Mask
Chocolate Mask
Sake Yeast Mask
Bird's Nest Mask
Red Wine Mask
Pearl Powder Mask
Apple Polyphenol Mask
Aloe Vera Mask
Black Pearl Mask
Strawberry Yogurt Mask
Cooling Mask
Natto Mask
Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask
Lavender Mask
Yogurt Mask
Rice Peptides Mask
Bulgarian White Rose Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Report from the spy

LOL.... just joking...
A really sweet friend of mine has kindly informed me that she saw: my beauty diary mask (flower series) having a promo at guardian a box of 5pc going at $3.90.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ELF storage

Hallloooo... Gals, as you all know, i have being buying a lot of makeup from ELF... My present storage is already very full due to my Sephora and PnJ hauls in december. I got no choice but to go get more storage containers. I got 2 small (not very small la, but small compare to those i bought last year)

I stack this 2 small storage containers on top of my 5 tier one, they r really a lot smaller.. LOL 
Let's look at what's inside from bottom to top

 The top tier is for brushes storage, it containe most of my ELF brushes, i think i need to get a bigger storage container for my brushes if i want to store all of them together ( ELF, stage etc).

 The next one is my ELF ES at the right and bronzer with other face products etc on the left.

 The next one is my blushers both powder and cream on the right and on the left are liquid foundation and mineral ES and the lip stain which i used as cheer stain.

I skip the 1st blue tier as, they are some random pallets from NARS, Too face which i plan to reorganize soon. Below that random drawer is my ELF lippies, eyeliners, mascaras and curlers storage.

I have some lip gloss and a few lip sticks

Eyeliners and mascaras are stored in this box

Korea trip Part 1 ( just realised that i have left this out...LOL)

I love new staff, never hesitate to try new things.. Haha.. be it skin care or food.. This part of the blog, i'm going to devote in telling u gals what i consume.. lol..

I found this pic in the following website: 

I tried the orange and the the berries fav, diff fav contain different vitamins n minerals.
The orange fav  conatin Vit C and berries is high in anti oxidants. They are not very sweet, in fact quite bland, good for quenching thirst. I really like it...

I had this drink call 2%, i bought a pink cap one and its peach favor, its tast exactly like the  pink dophine we have in singapore...

In addition, me the coffee addict also went to multiple cafe for coffee...


i went to a few in korea, in fact the 1st shop i went to is starbuck when i alight from the plan. i wanted to get a tumber that is koeanish but not from the limited edition country specific collection.

I finally found this baby in starbucks of a factory outlet.

It cost 14k(w) and coem with a free drink. I got a strawberries and carem frapp wich is not avaliable in singapore.. It taste like strawberries milk shake. Nice ;)

Tom and Toms

We have this in Singapore too... I went there once when i'm in Seoul..

Coffee beans

They have the most beautiful cafe i ever seen.. i saw the building when i cross  the road to get into the bus. No time to take a pic but found one from a blog. I think it look nicer at night when i saw it... LOL...

Pic obtained from:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orange-bubble tea @ Clementi

I have heard a lot about orange and since I was at clement over the weekend I can’t leave the bubble tea hub ( that’s what my friend and I call clement) without at least a cup of bubble tea in my hand… LOL…
There are at least 6 bubble tea stall in clement ( base on my knowledge). There are Koi, orange, Ok tea, sweet talk, bubble bubble ( I think that’’s the name if I don’t remember wrongly) and each a cup.

Orange bubble tea is located inside City Vibe Shopping Mall near Clementi MRT Station

I had milk tea with pearl and pudding. This brand is definitely as good as Koi, at least when come to milk tea. Can’t comment more as I have only tried the milk tea. The pudding is really nice, goes well with the pearls and tea. Definitely much better than cup walker.

Qafe by Night

Just came back from diner wit ha friend at Qafe by Night. It took us a while to locate the restaurant, we didn’t know its also known by another name: art café.. err… We actually passed by Art café when we are looking for Qafe by Night. We walk around the area from one end to the other end and only managed to find it after calling up the restaurant to ask for direction.

Address of the restaurant:

21 Tanjong Pagar Road, 01-01

088444 Singapore

Mobile: 94871287

The resturant sell Asian-Western fusion inspired cuisine and alcohol.

We ordered Queer as calamari, Broast and mash (sirloin steak), beef burger and 3 glass of mocktail (Pussyfoot, Cinderella and sunset cooler) Total bill of $58

Queer as calamari is average, a bit to the bland side. It comes with a dip, nothing special about the dip, just normal tar tart source, most prob just scoped out from a can.

The sirloin steak is ok, cost about $18

My friend had a beef burger, which cost about $17, quite ex for a burger, but she thinks its taste good.


 sunset cooler

The drinks are nice but again nothing special.


Overall, I think it’s just an average restaurant; Service is good but a bit slow.

Nothing really fantastic when comes to their food.

In fact, it’s a bit pricey for the quality.

I don’t think I will go back again. The only thing I like about the place is the price stated in their menu is inclusive of GST and service charge. Easy to calculate how much we have spend.. LOL…

Rock Candies in Singapore

Other than mask,. i'm also obsess with rock candies this month. I have hunted the whole of Singapore and only managed to find 3 brands... If you know of other brand please let me know.. k?

Sticky: nice candy with a not so nice boss.

I love the rock candy from sticky mainly because their candies are bigger compared to the other 2 brands. However i really don't like to go to the shop in Central to get them. The lady boss is really unfriendly. My friend who went with me twice keeps asking why her face must be so black. The packaging change but the black face never. LOL.. BTW when we 1st bought sticky, it didn't come with a zip blog bag.

 The pricing for stick is also quite strange; the assorted ones are a lot more ex than the single favor ones despite having the same amount of candies. My advice is you either buy a few favors and shared with your friends or get the assorted ones when they are the monthly specials.

Got this assorted at only $2.90 as its the montly special

Made in candy
Rose and peach; rose is my friend favourite. CP for him when i went...lol...
The candies are much smaller but i think they have very interesting nice favour as compared to sticky. However the candies are more brittle so keeping them in my bags for too long tend to cause them to break into small pieces more easily than sticky. Favour wise, they are definitely more superior than sticky.
The sale person was really nice, packed an assorted jar for me on the spot. i also bought the mother's day special.

They charge by weight so regardless of what favour. Even assorted ones are not more expensive.
So i bought 2 packes of mix... LOL... Really like them.. being eating it since i got it ;)

Look at their web sites for more details:


Currently they have 2 outlets one in united square
(101 Thomson Road, United Square #B1-06) and another Tanjong pagar.

Sweet enchantment

The last one I will be talking about: is sweet enchantment; it’s the most ex among the three. Mainly because they only sell their candies in glass tin and they claim that their candy is 100% natural so can’t put in zip blog bag.

Their sweet is quite nice, especially the orange favour rock candies. But in general, they are less sweet than the other 2 brands and in fact some of the favour are quite bland. BTW, beware of irritating sale gals that keep replying all your question with: …. because our candies are 100% natural… LOL….

I bought the citrus mix ( large ones) and melon. BTW they usually don't do mix, citrus mix is one of the few exceptions.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watson member sale

Watson member preview events tomorrow 18May 2011
12pm-10pm at the following watsons:

Bugis Junction
Clementi mall
Compass point
East pt
Jurong pt
Mgee Ann City
North pt
Parkway parade
Raffles city
Tampinese mall
tiong Bahru Plaza
Toa payoh hub blk 190

Watson collagen intensive renewal facial treatment (review)

i bought 2 boxes of collagen intensive renewal facial treatment during the watson member sale few weeks back. They are going @ 2 for $20. I think they are still selling them at this price now, remembering seeing it at watson few days ago.

1 box suspose to be for a 28 days treament, each boxes come with 4 tubes of treatment essence (4 x15ml).

The essence come in palstic tubes.
The tubes are like eye drops but with the front part being longer as you can see in the picture.
I think the packaging is fine but i prefer a spray bottle so i could directly spray the content onto my face.
I tranfered the essence into my empty sheer secret container as shown in the picture above.

The essence is quite light and not creasy at all. Trasparent liquid.
I'm sure a box of it will last me more than a month. I have being using it for more than a month and i'm no where near finishing the 2 tubes that i have poured into my spray can.
Its only $2.50 per tubes, of course quality wise its not as good as the essence or serum (counter brand) i have being using but I personally feel it worth getting since its only $10 for a box and 2 tubes lasted me very long.

I usually used it with my hydrating serum or alone and it work fine with me. If u are interested to try it out, why not.

Tarte holiday palette : Jewelry box

Tarte holiday palette : Jewelry box

“off the chain” gilded trinket
16 x 0.06 oz shimmering eye shadow
16 x 0.06 oz matte eyeshadow
8 x 0.03 oz lip gloss
0.21 oz Mineral Powder Bronzer
0.25 oz highlighting powder in soft pink
5 x 0.02 oz eyeliners

I have wanted to get hold of this beauty since last year christmas, unfortunately its not avaliable in Singapore. I haven't managed to buy from the sephora web site till now so i resort to asking a friend for CP. After so much trouble, i have finally got hold of it.. I'm so happy ;)