Saturday, April 30, 2011

Etude house is having 30% storewide from 28 to 30 April 2011

Etude house is having 30% off storewide from 28 to 30 April 2011

Today is the last day!!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Etude House Sweet Heart Capsule #3 ceramide review

 How to use:

Snip the tip off one capsule and extract oil.
Apply oil to face and massage into skin until absorbed.

A total of 3 types in the series, I bought all 3.
Will review the one that contain 2% creamide in this post.

Etude House Sweet Heart Capsule- #3 Ceramide

All the 3 capsule has different funtion, the #3 on is for hydrating.

The texture of the content is a bit to the thick side but it’s not greasy at all when applied on the skin. My skin instantly smoothens when I applied it. The texture and effect is identical to those expensive capsules I have used before. Etude house is only selling at around $15 for 7pc. I think this product is really a good deal.

Worst product of the week

ETUDE HOUSE Black Head Off Oil EX AD

Yes, it’s the worst product I have every used this week.

Detail about the products:

· Cleansing oil formulated with coal, lemon and grape seed

· Coal supposed to draws out dirt and grime from within the pores

· It also contains fir tree oil that prevents breakouts and marshmallow extract to absorb oil and residues for clear, smooth skin without irritation.

· Pack Size - 60ml


· After cleansing and patting skin dry, apply and massage oil on affected areas (while the gentle massaging action dissolves blackheads and remove impurities)

· . Leave on for 15-20 minutes, tissue off and then thoroughly rinse to remove excess oil.

· After cleansing and patting skin dry, apply and massage oil on affected areas. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, tissue off and then thoroughly rinse to remove excess oil.

To be honest, I think it’s like a normal oil base makeup removal. Just a lot more expensive. I don’t see my blackhead getting lesser after I used it. I have used Biore oil base makeup removal and I think it remove impurities equally well and it’s a lot cheaper.

My fav product of the week…..

I have 2 this week; it’s the holika white egg soap and the etude bb cream removal.

Why the white egg?

The white egg cleans really well. Thought it leave a rubbery feeling after wash, it does not dry up my skin. My skin does not feel tight after washing. It has nearly no fragrance at all.

Some detail i found online

Package Weight: 150 (g)

Product is endorsed by CNBlue.Top Selling Product from Holika Holika.

Suspose to tightens pores and make your skin sleek.

Suspose to foams easily and can be use as a cleanser and mask.

After 4 weeks, it should help to reduce your blackheads.

Made in Korea

Suitable for all skin type

How to use:

As soap: Make foam on your Palm using lukewarm water and massage gently and rinse off

As mask: Make foam on your Palm using lukewarm water and massage enough until it changed like fine cream type and rinse off

Why BB cream makeup removal?

I really like these products because it removes makeup very well. To use this , we have to wet our face first before apply the cleanser. I like it manily beacuse it can be used on wet face, unlike oil or cream base makeup removal. Plus, it clenase thoroughly without leaving skin feeling dry and irritated. No need to use facial wash after removing of make up ;) But i'm abit KS so will cleanse again if i'm not too lazy.. lol...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nature Republic 50% off storewide haul

For those who have being following my sale blog ( will know that there is a 50% storewide promotion @ nature republic today and the sale is while stock last.

I was really excited about the sale, as it’s a good 50% off. OMG… How I feel like kicking myself for buying so many things last week. Oh well…. I went just now and spend a good $400.. lol.. Yes, it’s after 50% off….

I took the opportunity to try more things from the brand and tried more expensive products too.

These are what I bought :

From the pinetree urban detox series: Detox clay mask, toner, essence and emulsion

Polynesia Lagoon Water Fresh eye cream set

Chestnut pore laser toner and swing rain love hawaii facial mist

Forest Garden Fresh Cleanser Oil (Tea Tree & Lemongrass) and Garden balancing cleasnser oil (Rosemarry and Ylang Ylang)

Eco garden fluid and ice soft persimmon pack

Super Hyaluron 3000 toner and emulsion

Fresh green tea leaf serum, cream and emulsion

Mother's love your babay sun block, Peeling esthe cool exfoliator, Eco garden serum and Dual Secret Lip Color & Gloss 05 Coral Peach

Tones of paper masks

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco shine lipsticks (review n swatches)

Its being a while since i got anything from Chanel.
Metro had 20% storewide last week and I took the opportunity to buy some things from Chanel.
I bought 1 blusher and 2 lip sticks from the Chanel's latest lipstick collection: Rouge Coco Shine @ $44 each. The whole collection consist 25 colours of which only 20 will be available in Singapore (read from Her World).

More details from her world:

Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick was launched in 2010 as part of the brand’s attempt to convince young women to wear lipstick again, rather than lipgloss, and was the brainchild of makeup guru Peter Philips, who was named creative director of Chanel Makeup in 2008
Now the brand has released a new “shimmer” version – nothing so gauche as a gloss – the Rouge Coco Shine. It’s a semi-sheer lipstick containing Hydratender complex for reportedly up to eight hours of hydration and comes in 25 shades – although only 20 of those will be available in Singapore

I bought Boy (54) and Liberte (46). I find the current Rouge Coco collection to be slightly moisturizing only; the lipsticks also have nice shimmer. It has a light vanilla-rose scent that’s rather faint but still detectable when you are applying and fade off quite fast.

I'm slightly disappointed with its moisturizing power, it will be good if its more moisturizing. The pigmentation of the lipstick is also toward the sheer side but the shimmer was really pretty. The lipstick is quite small, very portable.
The only bugging problem i have with the lipstick is the mechanism, which the lipstick was raised out of the casing. Instead of turning the base (like normal lipstick) to get the product out, for this collection, we got to turn the tube part to get the product out. Which mean our hand is placed very near to the product and we could accidentally touch the product while turning, not very hygiene lei….

According to my SA, Boy is the most popular colour, I think its true as they do not have stock for it when I was there. I have no choice but to pay first and go back again when the stock is in.
My kind Sa also give me a sample palette which include the following 4 colours from the collection:

62 monte-carlo, 54 boy, 46 liberte and 57 aventure

Swatches of the 4 colours

My naked lips

57 aventure

Half lip

Full lip

Lip stick colour on a cotton pad

46 liberte

54 boy

62 monte-carlo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Starbucks however you want it frappuccino

I got this coupon when i went starbucks today.....

Promo: Free however you want it frappuccino

Redemption Date: 26April to 1st May

The coupon wrote i could obtain details in but i can't find the web site.
If u managed to find, do let me know. Thanks in advance ;)
BTW detail about the idea:

Easter Haul part 2: Nature republic

Easter Haul part 2: Nature republic

I sms my SA and reserved another Polynesia Lagoon water set, went to collect it on Easter Friday. My sis went with me and of course we hauled.. .LOL…

The Polynesia Lagoon water set: moisturiser, serum and eye care set

The eye care set consist of eye cream and 2 samples
Mung bean cleanser and Ice fruit pack
the ice fruit is so cute....

Fruits Mousse Therapy (banana)

Black Head Scavenger Oil Peeling Gel and white head clear melting source
The collagen travel set is the GWP (top) and i also bought Aqua the ocean cleansing water

Blemish Lab AC Spot Relief Gel

2nd Holika Holika trip (Easter special part1)

Holika Holika is having great Easter promotions now.

They are having 15% off for the following sets:

1. Whitening set @ $54.40 (up $64)

Snow-white foam cleanser 150ml
Snow-white spot essence 15ml
Snow-white magic film mask

2. Cleansing set @$21.25 (up $25)

Juicy Hawaii orange lip n eye removal tissue
Juicy Hawaii kiwi cleansing tissue
Any fruit cleanser

3. BB cream set ( I didn’t buy n forgotten the detail, I remembered one of the items is roller bb cream)

Plus additional GWP with egg set purchase:

1. Bulgarian rose set skin care kit with special egg set purchase ($37.50)

2. 1pc of essence sheet mask with any egg soap ($20)


The GWP for $120 purchase was a lot better now.. I’m not sure if I should be happy or piss… as I spend more than $250 last time….

Plus I just discovered that when u spend $250 and above  you are entired to an additional 20% off for the whole bill…. And this promo is not new… errrr….. meaning i should have gotten 20% off last time.

Oh well... here is my haul

The Cleansing set @$21.25 (up $25), i have chosen the kiwi cleanser. I bought mine at $17 due to the additional 20% off.

Whitening set @ $54.40 (up $64), bought mine at $43.52. What a bargain... LOL...

3 Toners, i use up toner really fast so i decided to stock up some when i was there. i bought the (R to L) Apple shine toner, Egg skin cooling toner and AC Magic Clear Powder In Toner

I bought my 2nd egg set, i have used the white egg and really love and since got promo, might as well.. LOL..  
I have not being buying bb cream and decided to get 2 petit BB cream to try. Petit=small=easy to finish.

GWP of course....