Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stage Haul

I was at stage over the weekend, i haven't being out for a while and only found out that there is only 1 stage store now in singapore. They r having many promo at the momnet too.. I hope they r not pulling out of singapore. I really like their black eyeliner and was hopping that i can stock up when they have promo for that. These are the promo avaliable when i was there:

$9 for all lip products
50% of all eye shaow (single and 8 color pallets), liquid foundation and eye liners that are non black

I bought a lip liner @$9 and a brown ES @$10.

I also bought 2 ES pallets, the SA has accidentally gave me 2 identical ones, need to go back n get it change...

Weekend Haul

I went Bugis to collect my Shu Uemura ES single. Its being out of stock for like 3 weeks and when i was there the SA told me its  out of stock at the warehouse as well so i bought another es instead.

Since i was there, i decided to pick up a brush (20H) and a makeup base as well. I like the makeup base as its foam type and its can be used on the eye and face. i know i'm just plain lazy. Haha.. I got 2 bottles of makeup removal as GWP, i think Shu has one of the best makeup removal i ever used.

In additional to my haul, i also asked the SA to help me test out my painter brush. Yes, i bought a few painter bruches to be used as makeup brush ;)

i bought $70 worth of painter brush plus 3 brush holders last week.. LOL.. they look and feel just like the expensice makeup brushs i bought before...

This is the one that i bought to ask the SA to try out. She used it to apply ES for me. We both feel it work fine as an eye shadow brush.
In fact i used it again today and i think its work as well as any ES brushes i have ever bought.
i'm comparing to those good ones, not those cheap one u get from SASA.

CP from Korea...

Its was a last minute thingy, happen like within an hour n my friend helped me to CP from korea.
She wanted to try skinfood out so i tag along and these are what i bought.

Yes the new launch from Skin food. The Omija Whitening series.
I bought:
1. Teabag Toner
2. Whitening serum
3. Whitening cream

I also bought a few masks:

Omija Whitening Mask Sheet 
Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet
Avocado mask
Honey n loyal jelly mask


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look at what my friend found

My friend was super excited about this guy...


He has tones of you tube video.. About makeup and skincare...


Check him out.. 

Crazy over ampoules (Part 2)- PRO-Q

i bought PRO-Q at $10 per box and each box contain 10pc of ampoules (3ml)

I was aware that is a different between make in France and formulate in France, the most obvious different is of course the price. PRO-Q is formulated in france and made in malaysia.

I bought quite a variety one shot

Purifying, fresh cell, trace elements, collagen, vit C, eye pouch, DNA and azulen

I ordered another batch few days ago and it included those that i feel its good and some new carity that was out of stock in my previous purchase.

I have tried Trace elements, collagen and Vit C.

Trace Element
  • For dry, dehydrated and tired skin.
  • Suitable to use before make up.
  • Revitalizes tired skin and moisturizing treatment for dry & dehydrated skin 
Collagen :  

  • For dehydrated, dull skin, ageing skin
  •  Anti-ageing, moisturizing, firming
Vitamin C Ampoule

  • All skin type
  • Prevent premature aging caused by UV exposure
  • Brightening, reduce pimples/acne spot and tightens pores
 Among the three i have tried, i like collagen the most.

I used trace element and collagen on my face. After using a whole tube of  trace element, my skin feel hydrate. Feel like i have done paper mask. 

As for collagen, i get had the  same effect with only 2/3 tube. I apply the rest on my super dehydrated leg. The next day the dried skin on my leg improved tremendously, the effect is way much better than applying body lotion.

In addition, i did not apply moisturizer after the ampuoles and my skin is not dried nor does it secret alot of oily the next morning. My face will be very oily the next morning if i never apply enough skin care the night before.

As for vit C, i applied it on my legs, one wholel tube on my leg.. LOL.. The effect is good, my leg is  hydrated n smooth after that.. 

LOL.. I need to use more vit c than collagen to have the same effect, but i guess its not fair to compare this way as the 2 ampoules have different function.

I'm stocking up more collagen now.. LOL..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kenzo sale

Kenzo will be having 2 sale in nov

1. A warehouse sale which my sa will get back to me once she got the detail.

From past experience, the sale has mostly perfume and few skincare. The price is quite low. Bought a beneficial water from the sale last year. 

2. At center point Robinson on 10 n 11 Nov, they r having stall wide 20% off plus platinum member get additional 10% off.
I'm so not going to miss it.. LOL.. 30% warrr... the most i ever gotten is 20% + 5% and 5% rebate.. lol..
Will be bring friends to the sale, if u r interested let me know. We can go together ;)

Crazy over ampoules (Part 1)

I'm crazy over ampoules lately.. Yes.. and i being buying alot too...

I started of buying expensive ones from the facial place i went to.. lol.. I bought 2 boxes of 5 @ $300 and later i went online and bought some cheaper ones...

1box of 10 (3ml) @ $10

Let's start  with the cheap ones.. LOL.. i come a cross a seller selling PRO-Q online.
She is quite nice and is willing meet accommodate my timing as long as i meet her at the MRT near her place.

I bought 2 boxes of PRO-Q from her, this brand is formulated in France but made in Malaysia. I do have some degree of confident with things make in Malaysia so i decide to give it a try plus a friend of mine used this before and the review was good.

These are the detail product description of the various types of PRO-Q ampules:

Collagen :  

  • For dehydrated, dull skin, ageing skin
  •  Anti-ageing, moisturizing, firming


  • For Sensitive Skin type
  • Soothing for skin type has redness and itchiness.

Whitening Ampoule

  • All skin type except Acne skin
  • Whitening and clarifies dark spots.

Lifting astringent

  • For all Skin type
  • Strengthens skin elasticity, slim & reshape face, suppleness, firmness and refines skin texture

Eye Pouch

  •  For treatment of delicate skin around the eye zone area.
  • Hydrate and  helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the eye contour area.
  • Minimizes dark circles and reduces puffiness.

Fresh Cell Ampoule

  • For All skin type except Sensitive skin
  • Improve Skin texture and elasticity, moisturizes and minimizes fine liner.


  • Indication: Acne, pimple, blemish and oily skin.
  • Function:
  • - Regulates excessive sebaceous section.
  • - Soothes irritated area
  • - Has an antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin.
  • - Prevent and decrease break out.
  • - Use as precaution for those who have breakout before menstruation.

Trace Element

  • For dry, dehydrated and tired skin.
  • Suitable to use before make up.
  • Revitalizes tired skin. - Moisturizing treatment for dry & dehydrated skin


  • For Oily skin and open pores skin.
  • Regulates oil secretions, tightening pores and leave skin clear matt
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Retain Moisture

Azulen Ampoule

  •   For sensitive and dry skin
  • Recovers moisture loss
  • Soothing and Revitalizing
  • Anti inflammatory properties soothes sensitive skin & irritated skin.
  • Decrease sensitivity of skin

DNA Ampoule

  •   All skin type except for sensitive skin
  •   Helps to rejuvenate and repair the skin after external
  •   Improve uneven skin texture, dilated pores, and scars.

Vitamin C Ampoule

  • All skin type
  • Prevent premature aging caused by UV exposure
  • Brightening, reduce pimples/acne spot and tightens pores

Firming Ampoule

  • All  skin type
  • Firming effect

Elastin Ampoule

  • All skin type
  • Restore elasticity and suppleness to skin.
  • Prevent formation of fine age lines through the elastin's firming action
I bought quite a variety of them, will give a detail review in my subsequent blog ;)
I just placed another order, 8 more boxes of them.. LOL..

Made in Germany ampoules...

I just realise that i don't know the name of the ampoules.. LOL.. will find out later when i go home and put it in... 

There is no brand name written on it actually.. OMG..LOL.. oh well...

Oh well...A bit bit of gossip...
The seller is one of a kind weird.. lol.. she refuse to leave her house for meet up so my sis went to her apartment to get it for me. Though i bought 10pc ie enough to fit a box, she wanted to charge my sis $0.60 for a box. Of course my sis didn't buy the box.. LOL.. Totally different from the PRO-Q sellers. 

I bought 10 types of ampoules to try. Bought them yesterday. Will review once i used them.. If its good, i don't mind dealing with the weird woman again.. LOL..
I think they look really pretty n colorful in the pic.. LOL..

These are the ones i bought from my facial place

The blue ones are for hydration and the while ones are purifying.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Sheer Secret.

I have used Sheer secret for few weeks and i guess it time to share how i feel about the products.
I have used the secret water, the serum and the day and night cream.
The secret water is suppose to be a toner cum nutrient water (kanebo has a similar products that i bought last year) but i think its too ex to be use as a tone so i only pad it on my face after my tonner.

Secret water

Secret water come in spray container, which is a much better packaging than the kanbo version.
Secret water is suspose to be more than just a tonner.
The sa told me to do these: 1st use as a toner, wet a cotten pad with secret water and pad it onto my face then spray some onto my palm and pad it into my face including eye areas. Follow by the serum

I feel that its a waste to use secert water as a toner plus i doubt it can clean my skin well if i only pad it. So i used my regular toner and only pad secret water with my hand onto my face after toner.

I'm not sure how good this is, as to me its just like water.. lol.. But i used it with the serum and i see improvement in my skin, my skin is less dehydrated now.

Will consider getting a big bottle after i finish my current ones.. LOL..


The serum comes in a drop bottle retail in 10ml and 30ml
The serum look like some yellow oil but its actually not oily at all.
I used it once in the morning and once in the evening after secret water.

Well definitely getting more of this.. lol..

Night cream

The only things i don't like so far is the night cream, its really thick n oily.. LOL..
i really don't like the texture.

Day cream

The day cream has SPF 30 and its nto as thick as the night cream.
I find it ok, but i still prefer lanecome day cream with SPF. lanecome one is much lighter in texture but its spf is only 15 i think.