Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shoping shopping...

Crazy over dresses n jackets lately...
Grab quite a few in BYSI, Future state etc sales


Friday, January 22, 2010

It's friday

It's friday... yippy... i'm going shopping... lol..
I want to get some jackets... lol...
Will post when i get back... Hope i can get some really good

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Squid ink party at my friend place

This is the 1st time i ever had squid ink pasta...LOL.. Nice.. nice...With plenty of alcohol of course

To let u gals see how dark our pasta is i put in the before and after pic. Before the pasta is being cooked, its above, and after we cooked it its

We bought a chicken from NTUC too.. . Yummy...

I did help up in the cooking.. oh well. abit

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gifts from Japan

A friend just came back from japan and look what she got me...LOL..

2 ES and a blusher (right one).. .LOL.. I think the pic is a bit dark... Will take another one when i open them...LOL...

Xmas LE

I really cut down alot on buying makeup and skin care... LOL..
I have not bought a single skincare since nov and bought only one x'mas LE in 2008...
This is the only x'mas LE set i bought

The laneige X'mas LE set is super value for money.  I bought it during Taka staff discount (15% off)...LOL..
It consist of : lip gloss, ES, Foundation, makeup base and samples.

The ES and lip gloss.They have similar casing

Both look like this, quite cute right...LOL..

The Set come in a gold colour case which is really spacous and i used it to hold ES that i use frequently.

Since i'm showing my ES case, i also put up my blusher case...LOL..

It only hold those blushers that i use frequently...LOL.. not my whole collect la...

1st batch of Gifts from santa in 2010

Santa gave me 3 blushers (all are pink, as she is quite fair so she only use pink ones), 1 bright red lip stick and 2 ES.

The 3 blushers, middle one is PnJ LE from the blusher and lip balm set (2008 one). I bought the orange set and she bought the pink set.

 RMK silver colour ES, its look quite dark on the pic. When i applied on my eye its quite sheer and has a  nice texture.

Skin Food Ss, my youngest sis cp for her, she give it to me. Brand new...LOL... love the colour...

13 pairs of URS heels

I was at Tiong Bahru over the weekend and guess what i saw?
Sale sale... URS was having a mini clearance sale there, just outside The Face shop at level 1.
All the shoes are going at $6.

I suspected they are all the displace ones and they r trying to get rid.
The SA delined it and insist that they r brand new, just old design some with a bit of defect.
My sis think that some might be tried and not bought that's why got slight wear off at the base.
But neally all has wear off only the right one... suspicious..

Oh well, i don't really mind la...LOL..
i'm very good at wearing off shoes so as long as its cheap n in good condition, i'm fine with it.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

lip smacker

I was reading blogs again...LOL..
And i suddenly remember lip smacker...

Thought of sharing with u gals about this nice brand.
They have a great variety of lip balm.


I bought mine online and ship via vpost and its still very cheap as compare to the price they r sold here.

I would suggest u gals go for the 1 for 1 balms if u have many friends sharing, super value for money ;)

As this is a promotion section, the products changes from time to time... must grab when u see what u like..LOL...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 PnJ ES duo

I have not being getting any PnJ things lately since my last prestige warehouse sale, where i bought quite a few single es. When taka was having sale, i bought their LE ES duo.

Abit regrad not getting all 3...LOL.. they r really pretty..

For those who like to know how much they cost:

Not much makeup lately

I have not being buying very many make up lately...LOL..
Being spending on cloths...LOL...
I have being getting alot of stuff from cotton on...LOL..
Took some pic of what i got lately

Just realise that they are what i bought when i went to melaka, not my cotton on loot... LOL..
The bottom 2 are from mango, the gray one is less than $25 and green one less than $20.

1st RMK purchase

I was at Taka few weeeks back and passby the RMK counter...LOL..
My sis got a few RMK es single during a warehouse sale and they are really beautiful. So i decided to give RMK a try. Bought a lip balm, an ES quads (no.3) and a blusher (no. 3)

I really like their packaging, simple and nice. Their LE ES was not very pigmented so i give it a miss and got their quads instead.

I really like the purple at the bottom left. i find their single abit ex. Maybe i will get them in their warehouse sale...LOL..

I bought a peachy blusher, no3, again the LE was not as intense as the regualr one so i give it a miss..

Inside look like this, a bit like my esteee blusher.. lol..but much more compact.

Hauls of nov-dec

I went to a 2 warehouse sale lately, i went to Bobbi brown and kanebo. And friend help me to CP from loreal expo and shishado warehouse sale. Great to have friend that are helpful ;)

From bobbi brown, i bought
4 bricks @$30 ( 2pink, 1nude n 1apricot)
1bobbi must have collection @ $45
single blusher @ $12
Single ES @ $10
Mday Dr well set @$45
Nude ES palette @$30
Total damaged: $263

The bricks

The Nude ES palette

The must have collection set

The best thing about this sale is everything is so new, all made in 2009... LOL...

From Kanebo i got (price):

1 orange coral lunasol es (25),
1 CD es (20),
impression LF (40),
3 lunasol lippies (15)
1 lunasol lip treatment (10)

CK makeup

i had a pleasant surprise today when a lovely cotter sms me and ask if u would like to get some CK makeup.
I thought she has forgotten about it.. She still remember, aren't she sweet...
Thanks alot..
She help me CP 4 es singles and OMG, they r so pretty..
She has such good taste...

The colours n names

I like their packaging, each with individual mirror they are only $25 before discount

Haul from Korea (super over due)

My sis went to korea and she help me and santa to CP some makeup. I must say i was really impressed with what she got for me as she don't use makeup...LOL..

This is what she got (makeup only, forgotten to take pic of the mask she bought)... LOL..

3 BB cream, 4 es, 2 blushers and a brush

One of the bb cream she bought is this set of Hanskin samples. I have being eyeing at it for so long and never really get hold of it.. I'm so happy when she managed to get this for me... Happy, Happy...

Our fav among the loots and it belong to santa, one thing i hate abt santa is, she is super fast in snatching things. Before i see it she took it le.. Irritating... :p

And of course my