Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A life deliberate esty haul

I have heard so much about Lori and her soap. Indeed she is nice and make really good soap. I have only wished that she will be more generous with her soap samples so that I can try more and buy more. Lol

I bought honey I washed the kids, voodoo berry, country clothesline, crushin on you, red moon harvest, grapefruit and peppermint, banana coconut.

I have used voodoo berry, it's smell fantastic, super intense fragrance that will last quite a while on your body after shower. It  lather  very well and produce creamy foam. It's so so good.
However it melt quite easily, it's slightly melted when it arrive.

Cake face soaping mini etsy haul

This is really a mini one. I bought a draw string bag full of soap.

I try figuring out what they are from her listing, I think I have the following:

Tea mint zebra green
Eucalyptus tea
Purple plumeria
Cornmeal ginger lime

I can't tell what the rest are :)

I tried one, the piece I tried does not smell nice. But  lather  really will, definitely good quality soap. I can't wait to try the rest. I can only differentiate the smell of tea mint zebra from the rest. That's the only problem with grab bag. All the smell will  get mix up.

 Lol. I have separated them and hope it helps. Lol

Nikory bath treat

I found out about this wonderful soap company from you tube. I bought 4 bars of soap and 2 body cream from them.

I like the way the wrap their body cream so girlish and pretty.

Luckily they individually wrapped them. One of the body cream leaked but was contained within the plastic bag. But I did loose quite a bit of my product.

The seller was really generous with her samples. She gave me a handful of soap to try.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Etsy n lush delivery

This week is definitely the most exciting week of march. Lol. I had 7 deliveries in total. Thursday, I had 2 big ones and 3 on fri. What a way to end my week :)

Will do a detail haul plus review for each etsy haul soon. :)
Will make sure I shower had to review my haul. Lol

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter haul from lush uk

What I bought

Hoppy Easter
The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow
The Immaculate Eggception - Pink
Fluffy Egg
Madame Butterfly Re-Usable Bubble Bar
Tulip Re-Usable Bubble Bar
Tramp 100g | Retro Shower Gel
B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful 100g | Retro
Sonic Death Monkey 100g | Retro Shower Gel
Freeze 100g | Retro Shower Gel
Flying Fox Shower Gel 100g
Hot Milk? Bubble Bar
Moon and Sun Steamer Tab
A Token To The Forest Gods Toner Tab
Tea Tree Toner Tab
Dream Steam Steamer Tab

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Etsy purchase from sakurabathandbody

Bought twice from this seller. She produce good product but her customer service need improvement.

For both purchases I did not get the shipping notice. The first time i waited more than 2 weeks and I messages her through etsy. It turn out that she do not have my requested fragrance and she claim that she did message me via etsy earlier, but I had never received any. We resolved the issue and I got my things. Her scrub and lip balm are good so I went back for more.

With the previous experience in mind I message after waiting for a few days without the shipping notice. She claim that it was shipped but she has forgotten to inform me. I did receive my products. But the 2 body spray leaked and creat a mess. The envelop broke and sing post put the envelop in a plastic bag for me. She did not tap the opening of the bottles. Which all sellers I bought previously does.

overall she give me this feeling that she don't really care. I have bought from others in etsy and never received such treatment. I think that's the last time I buying from her. I really like her products but not please with her service.

First haul




Second haul

Collective lush haul uk + Singapore

Yes i can't get enough if lush, I wanted to try out some of their retro products before they got discontinued. And the mums too which are not available in Singapore yet. My sis join in the haul too. She's no where as lushaholic as me but she like lush too :)

From Singapore

Creamy candy $7.90
Three gold rings $11.90

From uk