Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lakmé palette

I was blog reading again today, i'm really in a holiday mood, no things done and serve web all the time.
Plus my boss MIA again so i'm totally not motivated to do anything ..

Oh well i found a nice blog and discover a new brand..LOL

Blog :
According to the blogger she wrote:
The price is so amazingly cheap for the quality you will get. I bought the entire eyeshadow palette for USD$14.95

Brand: Lakmé

I think Lakmé is from indian,
The pallete is really pretty

I think we can order them online from:

USD is quite low now, i'm really tempt to get it...LOL..
BTW friends, i getting NYX from cherry culture, sms me if u want me to help u get too..LOL..

Kanebo redemption dec

Hi gals, if you have being collecting kenebo stamps, remember to go redeem for gifts!!!
My sa have not even inform me about it.. Its a friend that reminded me to do it..
I'm a bit piss by my SA,,,
oh well.. she won't see me in future, i'm going to get my kanebo from other counters..LOL

if i'm not wrong, for 30 stamps u can get a lip gloss
for 60 stamps, u can get 2 lip gloss or a press powder...

i'm going taka tomorrow to get my redemption done..LOL..
BTW if u prefer to redeem lunasol staff, taka is the only counter u can do so, other kanebo counter only allow u to redeem CD staffs.

Must get it done by dec

Bags n more bags

I have not being getting alot of makeup lately as i spend most of my money on cloths n bags...
Bought 3 bags lately n my sis give me a bag too... we bought them online from

I'm too lazy to take pic of my bags so i got the pic from the web site that i bought the bags

These are the bags i bought:

This is a black bag Cost $15, the material is quite hard and my sis think it look like real leather as its crumpled.. Hahaha... i have not used it yet so not sure if the quality is good.

The 2nd bag that i bought is this pink one @$15, i have being using it for 1 week and that means its of reasonable quality.. LOL.. i'm not good at taking care of bags. Those GWP bags i got over the counter usually last me only 1 or 2 days.. Yes!!! LOL.. so i'm super satisfied with the quality of this bag.. LOL..

The bag is pretty big and can hold a lot of things. I pull the draw strings up a bit to make the bag look smaller, I preferred this look than the one in the picture above.

The 3rd bag was a disappointment, it look nicer one the pic. Plus its the most flimsy among the 4 bags. Its $17, should have gotten darker tone one. The actual  bag is of much lighter tone than the pic.
I really like the colour of the bag in the pic, but unfortunatelly the actuasl thing is not tat nice.
I have not used it yet, hope its tougher than it look..LOL..

The 4th bags is a gift fro my sis, its $20plus and it stink.. LOL..

I’m airing it now, hope I can get rid of the smell.. But the inner lining was make of a very thick fabric, I’m pretty sure it will be quite hardly, plus its quite big. I’m hopping to use it for my Melaka trip on xmas.. LOL..

My sis bought 3 bags for herself too

Les Noirs by Chanel

The pictures above as obtained online.
When we 1st saw this range in a local magazine, my sis and i was really thrill..The colour are dark and really pretty. i immediately fall in love with the ES.

When i saw the ES at the counter, the ES look lovely but when i  did a swatch, i was a bit disappointed. Out of the 4 colour in the quads only 2 are intense while the other 2 are not very pigmented. The green colour one was what i really like when i see it on the mag but it turn out to be not very green, its more grayish than green

The pallet is pretty but was not as pretty as i have expected. i bought it in the end. i must say the green in this pellete is not as pretty as the green in Murano (

i also tried one of the lip stick on, i just can't pull off the look. But it really really nice on my sis. She bought it..LOL..