Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am moving again

Hi readers, I have checked my picture size. They are all quite small and I figure out my pic limit was hit because i post too many pic. Lol...

I'm not working now so not in a good financial state to pay for the extra pic Space on blogger. I think the best way to solve the problem is for me to move my blog.

This blog will still be around like my previous one. For more post please visit my new blog:

Thank you for reading this blog. Hope you all will move with me to my new blog :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have heard so much about Wicked Scentuals in Youtube that i must try her bubble bar. I bought 6 bubble bars and a whipped soap to try out. She has also generously throw in some soap samples for me to try. She has also throw in a shower loofah in my delivery. She is so generous ;)

Look at how bright n colourful her bubble bar are... they are all individually wrapped with bubble wrap. I'm so impressed with the way she ship her products, all my items came in perfect condition. (believe me, not all sellers take that effect)

I have used part of one of a bubble bar, it is much harder than the ones i bought from Lush. Therefore is not as easy to be used in the shower. But the fragrance is way much more intense. I love intense fragrance...

My soap samples.... i have used once bitten, the fragrance of this soap is no where as intense as the bubble bar i have used. Never the less, its a good piece of soap that lather very well.

Pretty pink shower loofah.... i did not used it with the whipped soap.. lol.. i must mentioned that her whipped soap which i got in fragrance Pink Thang smell gorgeous, its a sweet smell. The whipped soap does not lather very well but was intensively fragranced, The fragrance lasted quite long after shower.
I mixed it with another whipped soap that lather really well but has not much fragrance, the 2 complement each other really well ;)

shiseido sale

shiseido sale

16 to 17 may 2012
10am to 8pm
1 orange road #12-01
Orchard building

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Davis Main soap from ETSY!!!

I really like the fragrance of  Adria's soap. Her soap is good but its her fragrance that keep me buying from her. I might have all gotten all available fragrance she has in her store...LOL...

Homemade banana mask

I have being doing a lot of DIY body and face things at home lately. It help to make my monotone skincare routine a bit more interesting and make showering a daily event that i look forward to now. lol

I'm posting this to share with u all a recent homemade mask I have being using regularly lately. Just a small note, I have oily combination skin.

The Banana mask

1/3 of a ripe bananas
1tsp of running honey
1tsp of freshly squeeze lemon juice

Smash the banana well, add in the honey, mix a bit follow by the lemon juice. Mix well and apply on your face. Wash off after 15min and you will feel the different.

P.s. the ratio of the components is just a rough guide, u can change it according to your own preference and skin type.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Radical work from etsy

Soap from radical work are all priced at $1USD. It's really cheap and shipping are at  $2each.

Their soaps are pretty but they all has this burnt smell which i really do not like!!!!

Future primitives soap

This is a UK base company, the owner is Tiggy. This is her web site:

Her soap typically cost £4.95 per bar, a bit to the expensive side I must say. But u are paying for the quality.

The soap is so beautiful

I bought the spring bundle @ £13.85,
Save £1 off the regular price (if products were bought separately).

It consist of 3 Spring Release soaps:

'Black Honey' - Freshly potted British Hedgerow Honey, Warm Spices, Dry Leaves, Lemons & Mandarins.

'The Shire' - A host of spring blossoms from Worcestershire. Closed lavender buds waiting to hatch, Geranium leaves tossed in Gardenia absolute and a fistful of star-shaped Ylang Ylang flowers.

'Green Room' - Smashed Rosemary ; Spearmint leaf mingles with the uplifting scent of ripe Mandarins and vintage surfboard wood.

The description of the soap is obtained from Tiggy website.

I have unwrapped black honey, it look exactly like the picture on the web. It's so pretty.

I think her soap is really good,  soap lather well and moisturizing to the skin. However I'm not a big fan with the fragrance of her soap. I bought another batch soap from her after this one, i still could not find any fragrance that i really like. What a pity.

My purchase came with a sample of clotted peach soap.