Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Revelon ColorBurst lip butter is in Singapore

My friend told me that it's here, and is in watson, yesterday so I went lot1 to hunt for it. I came back disappointed, I can 't find it. I went west mall Watson just now and it there!!!

I have heard so much good reviews about it and am dying to try it.

They only brought in 8 colour and are selling at $15.90. I'm sure they have more colour in the state!!!!

I bought 2 to try, I bought strawberry shortcake and macaroon. If i really like it, I will get more when they are on sale, Watson usually have 20% off at times.

I swatch all 8 and from left to right they are:
02 brown sugar, 025 peach parfait, 030 fig jam, 07 cherry tart, 075 lollipop, 08 strawberry shortcake, 085 sugar pl and 096 macaroon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dior Show New Look collection haul and swatches

As u all know, Dior's New Look collection consist of Diorshow New Look mascara and four Cinq Couleurs New Look palettes. I have gotten the mascara online and my sis is waiting excitedly for the ES. We were told that it should be in Singapore in Feb. The four palettes are: Royal Kaki, Rose Porcelaine, Grège and Bleu de Paris

However, I was at Taka yesterday ... I  saw them!!! I was not really excited about them till I saw them and swatched them. Omg... So pretty....

Pic and swatches

From top to bottom: Bleu de Paris, Royal Kaki, Grège and Rose Porcelaine

 Top row: Grège
2nd row:   Royal Kaki
3rd row:  Bleu de Paris

Top row: Grège
2nd row:   Royal Kaki

Rose Porcelaine

I bought Rose Porcelaine and  Bleu de Paris @ $92 each, got a mini Royal Kaki sample. I'm really tempted to get Grège as well :p. I find this collection very pigmented and the colours are more wearable than the spring collection. I think Grege is the most wearable among the four.

Rose Porcelaine

Bleu de Paris

mini Royal Kaki ( i worn this today, not bad but not something i will go crazy over so  i most prob won't be getting the full size)

Just to compare the size of the sample and full size palette

The mascara set are not from the new look collection. It's the Dior show Extase, the set cost $52 and come with a mini ES from their regular range


Kose promotion set

Was having dinner with my sis at lot1 on Thursday. We pass by kose counter and come across a new promo set retailed at $80. It consist of a LF, blusher, es and a nail polish.

This is what I got ;p

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mini holiday haul

Went for a short trip over the long weekend to Malaysia again. I didn't buy much this time as I haul quite a bit online before my trip.

Bought essence mouse foundation in 04 ivory, nail polish and in2it foundation set. And some lip balms.

The lip balms

I bought the peach, strawberry and the grape ones.

The in2it foundation set is really a good buy, 2 items for the price of only RM 17.90

I have being hunting for essence mousse since my German friend let me try hers... i finally got it!!!!

Everyday mineral haul

It's being so long since I got anything from everyday mineral. I really like their brushes, most of their full size brushes have short handles which make it travel friendly. I don't like traveling brushes as almost all brands, i know, have are minis of their full size brushes with small bristles.

I bought 3 angled brushes, 1 oval concealer brush, Vintage girl kit, 2 large blushes (all smile and rhapsody in peach), Christa's look kit,  the beauty serenade kit and No makeup make up kit in light to medium (the one that come in the bag on the left).

The brushes and all the rest except the no makeup makeup kit

No makeup make up kit in light to medium
oh ya samples, i really don't like this packaging. Prefer the old mini containers.

Brushes ;) I haven't being getting anything from EDM since they change their packaging. I'm glad they didn't do much revamp to their brushes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The rest of January: Collective haul

I bought some things from the spring collection from Dior and Chanel, 2 sliky girl lipsticks, olay moisturizer (my 3rd bottle, its really good n cheap).

Some Mac from a seller, brand new but really old, mainly from the 2008 collections

Dior lip gloss haul

I was browsing online over the weekend and come across a seller who is selling off her old collection of lip gloss. They are mostly minimally used and she is letting off at a very attractive price.

I figure out that I will never finish a lip gloss and why bother paying $35 over the counter or $15 at a warehouse sale. Might as well get this.

I got the following:

Ultra gloss pearl @ 556, 157, 436, 267, 473

Ultra gloss glow @ 237 & 652

Ultra gloss flash @ 856, 686, 582, 732, 662

Unexpected haul

I need an ear piece just now so I decided to go to the science co-op to get one.

When I was on my way, I saw buzzar!!! OMG NYX, ELF, OPI etc etc…

These are what I got

NYX lip stick @ $5 (Left to Right)
617: summer love X2
590: honey
550: indian pink X2
641: rose bud X2
571: iced lavenda

 More NYX products:

Shade stick @ $6 in 619 rust, 623A purple velvet, eye/brown pencil @$4 in baby blue, black and purple, cream blusher @$9 Rose petal and pigment @$ 4 misty

Tomorrow is the last day of the bazaar... It's at nus science foyer

Monday, January 16, 2012

My mineral blush

My friend strongly encouraged me to show the whole world my mini mineral blush collection. She think it's really funny. Oh well, I'm not sure if I have ever post about this collection. WTH, there is the collection.

They are all samples that I bought online. I actually prefer them a mini zip block bag than in sample container. I find it easier to pick blush up with a brush from a bag.

Haha. I actually comment on every blush that I have used previously. Haha. I stop using them for quite a while. I'm going back to my mineral makeup now :) so will be using these again.

Everyday mineral pigments

I was digging again at home and found my humble collection of pigments. Mainly from everyday mineral. They are so pretty. I feel quite guilty seeing them. I have stop using pigments for a long time and believe it or not, Many of my pigments are brand new. Omg, I'm so bad. Ok, I'm going to start using them.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeling mag from guardian

Just bought my Jan-mar copy of feeling. Both Watson and guardian have their own mag, however I think the guardian one is not as well known. Do far i have not come across a blog talking about it.

I personally find this 2 mag pretty similar but feeling is cheaper $1 as compare to $2 for glow and every issue of feeling comes with a generous gift of samples.

 The freebies

 Some makeup tips

Top 10 products

Omg new masks

NARS angelika review

I only have 2 products from Nars and one of them is the Angelika blush. i think its last year, I asked my friend to help me get a nars blush when she went traveling.

I had no idea what she got till she pass it to me. I was really shock when I saw the blush. It's a purplish pink blush. Omg purple blush. Haha.

Ok that's my description. Pp online describe it as a blue tone baby doll pink.

It's has very visible sparkles. I thought it was gold sparkles but pp online say it's silver. The sparkles was really obvious on the pan but they don't stay on my face.

I thought i got gold sparkles all over my casing.. oh well....

The blush is soft and pigmented, I only need to use a bit of it. Surprisingly the colour on my cheek look very different from the pan, it look more pinky than purple when it's on my cheek. Better still, when It settled on my cheek, it became a very natural blush on my face. Really beautiful. I really like it.

 Swatch of the blush