Friday, December 30, 2011

Good bye 2011

Today is the last day of 2011. Omg one year is gone. That's fast. Haha.

It's a fun but very busy year for me. Finally got my hair cut before the year end. Haha..

Haven't improve in my hauling control, hope I can do a better Job next year. Haha..

I did managed to finish my favorite givenchy LF. Yes only managed to finish one makeup. Met up with my yesterday and I told her my 2012 new year resolution. Haha, I have only one actually. It's to finish at least 1 makeup product per month. Haha. She find it incredibly challenging.

Will show u all my achievement as 2012 goes by. Hope I will do better in 2012!!!

Last but not least, happy new year to all readers of my blog. May 2012 be a better year for u all than 2011. All the best and thanks for reading my humble blog.


Dior spring collection 2012 nail polish

Other than free make over, there is also express mani at the road show.
U get to choose any Dior nail color u want, i chose the 2 new color from their spring collection.

Waterlily #504 - in soft green
Forget Me Not #694 - in light mauve

Forget me not is actually very similar to one of their previous collection : rock your nail collection/ purple mix.

Purple mix is only slightly darker, not very diff in fact. Haha

Comparing forget me not (left) and purple mix (right) side by side.

Dior spring collection is here!!

Dior spring collection is here, Taka is having a road show for the launch, spend $120 to enjoy a make over with photo shot.

Garden Clutch ($98) (Limited Edition)

The clutch is a light pink leather-like shell with a “Rosebud” clasp. Inside u have 3 eye shadows, one Dior Ultra-Gloss and one Lip Maximizer.

Available in two color:
Milly Garden #001
Granville Garden #002

I personally find all the 6 eye shadow to be a bit to the sheer side, but the clutch is too pretty for me to say no.. LOL

5-Couleurs Garden Edition ($95) (Limited Edition)

Garden Pastels: Pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens

Garden Roses: Soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple.

I really like both the 5-color palettes, the colors of the es are more vibrant and pigmented than the ones in the clutches.
The other 2 smaller palettes are not LE so i didn't buy any thought i'm quite tempted. Maybe will  get on my next visit..LOL..

The rest of the collection

The blusher is very pinky, not my cup of tea.

Nail polish ( i think they are $35 each and are LE)

Waterlily #504 - in soft green
Forget Me Not #694 - in light mauve

My haul: Milly Garden, Granville Garden and Garden Roses.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lunasol eye shadow palette stock take

I always thought I have many lunasol eye shadow palette, so I did a brief stock take of it and realize: no la. Haha. Ok I feel better now, I only have 14 palette. Compared to many pp I know, it's not that many actually. I have used 5 out if the lot. Miss placed one, haha.

The palettes I still have and have been used are:

Sheer contrast 01 coral coral
Sheer contrast 02 lavender coral
Aurorize 03 gentle variation
Noble shade 02 deep variation

How I find these 4 ES?

Among the 4, I like lavender coral and deep variation more than the other 2. Mainly because these 2 are more pigmented than the rest. Gentle variation is a total disappointment as it very sheer. I need to layer a lot when I use it.

The texture of the ES is the only thing that is consistent. Its smooth and contain very long lasting glitters.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 last cp

Met up with a group of friends last night, had a great time and got my cp too. Thanks girls for helping me get my stuffs :)

Anne Sui
Compact casing + primer set
Liquid eyeliner

Lunasol compact
Cd compact casing
2 puffs

I bought elianto compact refill in Malaysia at half price and was not willing to get the compact casing at full price. Guess what, it fit nicely into my Anna Sui case. Just nice no need to go get a compact for the casing :) haha

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Watson member sale

My sis Informed me about Watson member sale the night before the sale. Watson has being having such sale relatively often so I wasn't super excited about it.

I did drop by yesterday as I was at raffles city waiting for my friends.

In the end, I end up with 2 za foundation sets (bought it purely for the casing), 2 silky girl eye makeup set (wanted the mirror so got it) and hello kitty masks.

Review on essence multi action false lashes mascara

I pick up a total of 8 essence mascara, one duplicate so 7 types. I have used 2 so far and one of them is the essence multi action false lashes mascara.

It claim to be able to allow us to achieve an ultimate false-lash effect without false lashes, able to creates extremely long, thick lashes and unbelievable volume.

My review:


It's a long cylindrical tube, nothing to complain about and nothing special with the packaging. However i'm not sure its whose fault: All the mascara are not properly sealed. Only a sticky tape is wrap around the opening of the mascara and all the marcare appear to be not tightly close. Because only a sticky tape is used many of the mascara have being opened by inconsiderate pp.


It work as it claim, it really lengthen and volumised very well. Making my near invisible lashes look obvious. However, the mascara is a bit dry, not sure if it's due to the packaging or formula, and clumpy.

Detail of my essence haul

I learnt that Malaysia has essence and of course I have to check it out!!! It's available in selected Watson. The one in Dataran Pahlawan don't carry it, but Watson in makotah parade does :)

The essence shelf is relatively empty compared to the other brand. I guess one of the reason is because, it's one of the cheapest drug store brand there. I wanted to get their mouse foundation (highly recommended by my German friend) but was out of stock. I bought the bottled foundation instead @$18.90rm, Bought 01 Rock chick palette @$18.90rm, few mascara:
Multi action mascara- smoky eye
Multi action false lash mascara
Maximum define volume mascara
No limit volume mascara
No limit volume mascara water proof
No limits power boost mascara x2
Multi action mascara
@$9.90-$13.90rm, 2 lip gloss @$8.90 each.

I have used few of the mascara and will do their reviews soon :)

Holiday haul

I'm back, went to Melacca for a short trip over the long x'mas weekend.

Whenever I go Malaysia I will always check Elianto out, the quality of their makeup is not fantastic but is definitely value for money. In additional, their packaging is also quite cute.

I went to KL last Xmas and found that they always have promo during Xmas. I bought quite a lot of things last year ( This time, I bought 2 Xmas sets: both consist of a blusher, an ES with a eyeliner in one set and mascara in the other.

Fresia Make-up Set
• fresia shadow
• fresia blush
• stay on max eyeliner (black only)
• Pouch
RM69 (NP: RM84)

Baked Make-up Set
• baked shadow
• baked marble blush
• princezna mascara (black only)
• Pouch
RM69 (NP: RM86)

Etude house is another brand that I will always check out whenever I go Malaysia. When their products are on 50%, the price is comparable to that when we buy from korea. I bought 2 blushers and 1 brush this time.

I also bought some stuffs from essence and in2it. I kind of regret not getting more things from in2it, they have some new es and blushers that we don't have in Singapore.

Last but not least i bought 2 Shills peel of mask @ $50rm for 2.

I am back

Just reached Singapore. Had a super long weekend. Haha. Will update my vacation haul soon.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am all pack for a break

I totally enjoy packing makeup for trips. And It's in fact a very challenging task, lol, u have to have a balance between bringing all u need but not too much as makeup can be quite heavy when u bring too much.

I'm bring my most of my favorite makeup with 2 new items ( shiseido makeup base and loose powder) to try on the trip.

Pic if what I'm bringing :)

All the makeup in the 1st pic into a small pouch on the 2nd pic

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lunasol Shining Face Color 01 review

I bought the Shining Face Color from the 2010 Winter collection yesterday. I bought both shades #01 & #02. They are both LE and the refill itself cost about $50+ last year. I got it at a super markdown price of $15 yesterday. I bought their casings @$20 and sponge @$5. So in total the whole thing cost me $40 each.

I only used it once and I instantly fall in love with it. I never expect something so glittery to be so fine/smooth at the same time. Incredible.

I used a brush to pick it up, a gentle swipe and my brush is glittering like a disco ball. The glitter was really fine and after slight blending, I don't see glitters particles. In fact all I saw was nice shimmer all over my face.

This is the compact and a light swap u can pick up a lot of glitters. However when u blend u will get a nice shimmer.

Kanebo haul dec 2011

My buy

Kanebo trip dec 2011

I'm so tired, sick but I still went. Lol

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Live update at kanebo sale dec 2011

To all who are hopping to grab some lunasol palette, they only have the auroized collection. I wanted the nature one!!!! :( but stock is plentiful, at least it's so now. prices for the items are similar. Some items more ex than the previous sale though.

es palette @ $35
Lip stick/gloss @$15
Gel liner @$20
Compact refill @$25
Highlighting compact Refill @$15
compact casing @$20
Liquid liner @$20

Es palette @$12
Lip stick @$10
Xmas set @$15

Crayon eyeliner refill @$3 and holder @$2
Lip gloss @$2
Es $6-$8
Makeup base @$3
Gel es @$3

Monday, December 19, 2011

New pouches

Got myself another Xmas present

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lunasol Xmas collection

I went to metro paragon yesterday, wanting to get something from Chanel. To my disappointment, must of their Xmas le are sold out.

In the end i return with lunasol Xmas collection :) the pouch that come with the collection is so so pretty, I have being wanting to try their cream blusher since I saw it last week at bhg. Last but not least, I never expect the loose powder to be so big, I always thought it's the mini one that I got from the taka sets I bought last year.