Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lakmé palette

I was blog reading again today, i'm really in a holiday mood, no things done and serve web all the time.
Plus my boss MIA again so i'm totally not motivated to do anything ..

Oh well i found a nice blog and discover a new brand..LOL

Blog :
According to the blogger she wrote:
The price is so amazingly cheap for the quality you will get. I bought the entire eyeshadow palette for USD$14.95

Brand: Lakmé

I think Lakmé is from indian,
The pallete is really pretty

I think we can order them online from:

USD is quite low now, i'm really tempt to get it...LOL..
BTW friends, i getting NYX from cherry culture, sms me if u want me to help u get too..LOL..

Kanebo redemption dec

Hi gals, if you have being collecting kenebo stamps, remember to go redeem for gifts!!!
My sa have not even inform me about it.. Its a friend that reminded me to do it..
I'm a bit piss by my SA,,,
oh well.. she won't see me in future, i'm going to get my kanebo from other counters..LOL

if i'm not wrong, for 30 stamps u can get a lip gloss
for 60 stamps, u can get 2 lip gloss or a press powder...

i'm going taka tomorrow to get my redemption done..LOL..
BTW if u prefer to redeem lunasol staff, taka is the only counter u can do so, other kanebo counter only allow u to redeem CD staffs.

Must get it done by dec

Bags n more bags

I have not being getting alot of makeup lately as i spend most of my money on cloths n bags...
Bought 3 bags lately n my sis give me a bag too... we bought them online from

I'm too lazy to take pic of my bags so i got the pic from the web site that i bought the bags

These are the bags i bought:

This is a black bag Cost $15, the material is quite hard and my sis think it look like real leather as its crumpled.. Hahaha... i have not used it yet so not sure if the quality is good.

The 2nd bag that i bought is this pink one @$15, i have being using it for 1 week and that means its of reasonable quality.. LOL.. i'm not good at taking care of bags. Those GWP bags i got over the counter usually last me only 1 or 2 days.. Yes!!! LOL.. so i'm super satisfied with the quality of this bag.. LOL..

The bag is pretty big and can hold a lot of things. I pull the draw strings up a bit to make the bag look smaller, I preferred this look than the one in the picture above.

The 3rd bag was a disappointment, it look nicer one the pic. Plus its the most flimsy among the 4 bags. Its $17, should have gotten darker tone one. The actual  bag is of much lighter tone than the pic.
I really like the colour of the bag in the pic, but unfortunatelly the actuasl thing is not tat nice.
I have not used it yet, hope its tougher than it look..LOL..

The 4th bags is a gift fro my sis, its $20plus and it stink.. LOL..

I’m airing it now, hope I can get rid of the smell.. But the inner lining was make of a very thick fabric, I’m pretty sure it will be quite hardly, plus its quite big. I’m hopping to use it for my Melaka trip on xmas.. LOL..

My sis bought 3 bags for herself too

Les Noirs by Chanel

The pictures above as obtained online.
When we 1st saw this range in a local magazine, my sis and i was really thrill..The colour are dark and really pretty. i immediately fall in love with the ES.

When i saw the ES at the counter, the ES look lovely but when i  did a swatch, i was a bit disappointed. Out of the 4 colour in the quads only 2 are intense while the other 2 are not very pigmented. The green colour one was what i really like when i see it on the mag but it turn out to be not very green, its more grayish than green

The pallet is pretty but was not as pretty as i have expected. i bought it in the end. i must say the green in this pellete is not as pretty as the green in Murano (

i also tried one of the lip stick on, i just can't pull off the look. But it really really nice on my sis. She bought it..LOL..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maquillage ES

I bought 2 mascara and got the maquillage FOC. Its one of BHG promotion

I'm glad that i have not paid for the ES. I was quite disappointed with it. Its really sheer even after i applied a few layers on my eyes. Its abit old when i got it, exp on nov-2010 ( sa say can still us 6mth after it exp) the ES no, is GY910.

Avon: TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad

My sis know a lady theat go in and out of malaysia very often. she n her collague always as her to cp Avon for them. She do charge abit of handling fee but its still dirt cheap. ..LOL..Few weeks back, i saw the avon quads in one of the catalog the lady gave us, they look lovely, look abit like chanel in term of packaging. .LOL.. One quad add up to be less than $15. i ordered 3 and the above is one of them. Its the least pretty one among the 3 i bought, i was in an advanturous mood when i bought it..Hahaaa...

Swatch for the quad

i was pretty impressed by the pigmentation. Even my Kate that cost abt $28 was no where as pigmented as this one.The colour are quite nice and it also wear quite long. i can still see the colour on my eye by the end of the day. I might consider getting the 4th qads which i didn't get last time.

Canmake new release at watson

I was at watson few days back and come a cross canmake new collection.

There are a few items in this new collection, as i love ES so i only check ther 3 ES out

The one on the left is a purple quads

The swatches

This is the one at teh middle

This is the one on the right

Stage opening party

I went to Stage at ION opening party this evening. The party is a small one with less than 20 members attending. Over all i quite like the event, its a short and sweet one. With a makeup demo by a AU, follow by cat walk from 4 models showing stage 4 seasons make over. The whole event lasted less than 1hr and we all went back with a nail polish as welcome gift and 4 lucky winners brought home some makeup.

Cat walk

The look for the 4 seasons

Another purchase from Tangs

I went to Guerlain to get the Super aqua-serum set, its the same price as the super aqua serum $279 but has an additional 50ml tonner and 10ml day cream. In additional, i got some IPSA staff.

My sis and i both got a press powder, we were told that that the additional colours in the powder will correct our skin tone and make us look radiant..Will review if it really work soon.
This is the colour of the ES

We were lucky and met a generous sa and we each got additional  samples apart frrom the GWP
GWP include a tonner, moisturiser and facial wash plus a box of cotton pad and 2 pouches

The additional samples i got (my sis got similar things) include a tonner, a sunblock and few packets of serum and facial wash from their new anti-aging range.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review: Paul & Joe line: Triple Gloss color compact

Another great find from the Paul & Joe line is their Triple Gloss color compact. A colorful swirl of three complimenting colors, this compact is perfect to be used as lip gloss, eye shadow, or anything else that you can think of. In four different color combinations, like brown, gold & blue, or brown, purple, and silver, there is a combination perfect for every complexion and eye color.

Description from LoveToKnow:

My review
I bought this at slightly more than $10 from the previous prestige warehouse sale. The gloss is thicker and more pigmented than normal lipgloss. I don't feel good using this as a lip gloss so i used it as eye gloss. Playing with it seem a bit tricky, the more i blend, the lighter the colour become, so i got to be careful not to over blend it. i used as a base to help hold my powder ES. It's not very pigmented; just give my lids a nice golden shimmer.

i quite like it but don't think i will get it again. oh, i think its quite old, even if i want to get i doubt i can find it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Presents from My sis

My sis went to Taiwan last week during her school holiday. I asked her to CP 2 ES for me. She doesn’t use makeup not even skin care so I dare not make my request specific or complex. LOL.. I only told her to get me any 2 ESs make from Japan and it can be of any color from Watson.

I didn't know she went with a friend use makeup; in the end they got me the cheapest Japanese ES. I really love her buy...the 2 ES cost $22 only, $11 each. LOL.. In addition, she also get me some presents, she got me a pair of pooh bear sock (i love pooh pooh) and a box of my beauty diary mask (she n her friend shared 6 boxes so there are 6 diff types in that box)

She got me 2 media ES, maroon and a purples.

They are both from kanebo

Mini review for one of the ES

I tired the purple ES yesterday, I’m impressed. Its much more pigmented than kate and CD both also under kanebo. I really like it. Plus it’s really compact and easy to bring out. I have very oily eyelid, so oily that I can even oxidize ES, the ES was not oxidized and lasted for one whole day…LOL.. I’m going to ask my friend who is going to Taiwan to help me CP more. LOL..

Swtaches for the pallete

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mini diaso purchase

I saw these 2 products in diaso for quite a while but have never bought it. I decided to get them last week when I was there again..LOL..

I got the mask because I want to compare it with the Kose mask.

Other than the price different,. I want to know what else is different. .LOL..

Will review once I get to use it.. I’m a bit lazy lately, have not being doing mask. .LOL..

Meanwhile, some detail about the 2 products:

Mini purchase at drugstore plus review

This is my 1st canmake purchase. I bought this in IMM. The blusher comes with a free ES.

I have not tried the ES yet but I was pretty impressed by the blusher. It’s very pigmented. But the was a bit brownish on me. I make it more pinky by apply a light pink blusher from POP beauty. The light pink blusher alone does not show on my face. I think its too sheer for my skin tone. But over the canmake blusher, it looks really pretty… The light pink blusher is the lightest blusher in the POP beauty pink cabinet.

Kose: Esprique

This is a late post. I went with my sis to BHG to few days back and drop by the Kose counter. I wanted to check out their new makeup range: Esprique. I was really impressed by their es (individual ones). They are really pigmented. But their quads are very much less pigmented and I didn’t get any ES in the end. I bought a loose powder, a blusher and its container and my sis bought a lip gloss. I swatch all the blusher for that range and decided to get only one as the rest don’t show on my skin

Guerlain Purchase

I was on my way to Stage for my FOC eye brown trimming, and i decided to check guerlain in Tangs out...
I kind of regret doing tat now...  I made my most ex purchases there...

The Orchidee serum and moisturiser set was 44% off and i bought it at $625... before that i got 2 eyeliner and es which add up to $162, in total i spended more than $800 (plus 2 IPSA cotton pad) that night...

I got 2 set of GWP, yes, only 2 when i spend almost $800... feel quite short changed, i usually get tones of GWP when i buy Kenzoki...

Let's take a look at my skin care:

The packaging for the skin care are really posh, how i wish they could save on their packaging and make their product more affordable. ..LOL.. Both the serum and the moisturizer come in a cushioned box. The boxes and container are really big. The serum is 30ml and moisturizer is 50ml. I have similar size items but they come in much smaller packaging. .LOL..

As for the makeup, i bought eyeliner 01 and 03, one is gold and the other purple. I think the purple on is a limited edition. i got the LE ES as well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Loreal sale

I went with my friend from work to the L’Oreal sale at raffles city during lunch.

There are not much of a crowd when we were there, really enjoyed the shopping trip..LOL..

Staffs there are really nice and i met a staff which gives me further discount when i buy more. LOL..

There are even lucky dip and my friend and i each got a cream blusher.

Products there are not too old mainly from 2008 and are at very low price as compared to the selling prices at Watson. I spend $155 today.

This is the list of items i bought:


Infallible lip color 104 n 103 (2 fpr $15)

Spring runaway inspiration ($10- blusher, eyeliner n es)

Cream blusher (FOC)

Body product

3 Body Expertise set: Perfect Slim Patch 6pcs and 250ml of Nutrisoft (for dry skin)
($15 each)

L’Oreal Body-Expertise Exfotonic Revitalising Gel Exfoliator set ($15, there are 2 scrub inside)

Perfect Slim Pro Massage ($15) and refill 2 for $10 plus a FOC refill.

Skin care

Garnier whitening cream set ($10, whitening cream + sun block)

Hair product

L'oreal Elseve damage care conditional (3 for $10)

Color-Vive Vital Serum S.O.S. Repair ( 2 box for $10)