Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr You Tiao

The place is like a cafe, they have both indoor and out door sections. We had our dinner out door.

There are only two crews when we were there, one uncle who is the cashier cum waiter and the other the chief. Most customers do take away.

We ordered 4 sets to be shared among 3 of us. We ordered a curry chicken set, Assam chicken set, Sata chicken wrap and assorted platter.

I really like the curry chicken, the gravy is thick and fragrance. The set come with 2 piece of sesame you tiao that go very well with the curry.

We dip the dough into the curry gravy. How i wish that the set don't come with rice but more fried dough.

The Asssam set was nice too, 1 big chicken 'drum stick'. The gravy is not too sour like most assam

My friend had the satay wrap, she find it average only, the You Tiao not very crunchy when its in the wrap.
Oh ya... the 2 chicken sets come with soya bean drinks while the wrap don't. LOL....

Monday, June 6, 2011

SKIN79 Crystal Finish Pact review

i got the SKIN79 Crystal Finish Pact in the goodies bag as well.. In fact most of the Skin 79 products i have being using are from the goodies bags i bought.. I really love the goodies bags.

Information for the product:

CRYSTAL POWDER WITH BRILLIANTLY SHINING FIVE TONE SHIMMER. Adheres to the skin with a light and fresh feel, and with its beam reflection property, gives the skin an alluring look that shines like crystals as it catches the sun.

For more detail:


I'm find the packaging of this compact a bit too thick, the sponge  is very thin but the casing is very thick. Oh well, maybe  it contain a lot of product.

I really like the thin sponge that come with the compact, its very soft and smooth on the face. Plus, most Korean brands sell similar sponge so can buy as replacement when the original is spoil. BTW, i found that  makeup tool in Nature republic is slightly cheaper compared to the face shop. Now NR is having storewide 50%, good time to buy some backups and replacements.

The compact is yellow tone, minimum coverage,  shimmering. Some people think that it has good oil controlling ability, but i think its OK only. I think its ideal as a finishing powder for fair skin. I'm medium skin tone so its slightly too white for me. It's a perfect match for my sis who usually get the lightest foundation from most brand.

Thai express

Its being so long since I went Thai express, I always go there alone as not many pp I know like Thai food. When I was jurong point, I saw them having my 2 favorite back in their promotion menu ;) Without any hesitation, i went in for my lunch.

They are having value meal sets again and they have the minced chicken with century egg too.

I was so greedy and ordered a set meal with the minced century egg...
Nearly died trying to finish them..

I ordered the red tom yum soup set, i didn't really like the soup. I prefer the clear tom yum. I ate all the fish n veg in it and left the soup untouch.

The set come with a dessert Tapioca pearls with coconuts, its really nice. The chef didn't add a lot of coconut milk to it so it's quite healthy..LOL...

Rice and thai prawn cake. The prawn cake is a bit oily but its still quite nice.

Yummy mince chicken with century egg. The mince chicken is sweet and spicy, really nice but the century egg is a bit rubbery ;p. The seasoning for this dish is very similar to that of fire noodles and that's why i like it. Fire noodle is my favorite in thai express.

I renewed  my membership and got a free rose + lime drink ;) free plus a direct 10% off.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Clementi hawker center

Nice and cheap food at clementi hawker center (Blk 448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi Central Market & Food Centre)

My friends and I go to clementi quite regulary for bubble tea and we decided to have dinner last week there as well…

Food was good.. I ordered a bowl of dried fish ball noodles $4 and it come with 4pc of big fish ball in the soup and many big but thin slices of fish cake in the noodle. The biggest fish cake I ever seen, LOL.. Its nice but a bit too ex for the quality I think.

That evening, we had :

Wu Xiang Xia Bing (not very nice, but I didn’t expect it to be nice as the stall sell many things, not focus ;p)

Zhui Kueh (really really good… Only Slightly behind the Tiong bahru one but a lot less oily, I think I prefer this one J)

Hokkien noodles (quite little for $5: but my friend like it)

Fish soup with rice (super long queue but worth the wait)

The satay was also known to be really nice but we didn’t had it that day

Xue Lian

My dad has always into alternative medicine.. LOL..
He’s into Xue Lian now…

What’s Xue Lian?
Its also know as Tibetan Mushroom/ Kefir/Snow Lotus/Tibicos.
It’s a Probiotics i.e contain many good bacteria

Its rumor to have many benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, good for diabetes patients etc. My dad thinks he’s healthier since he start drinking his xue lian drinks.

Oh ya my sis and I are drinking it too because we read online that its good for sliming… LOL…

This is how my dad makes it:
1. Add some tibicos mushroom in a clean glass container.

2. Add 500g of brown sugar with 3L of mineral water

3. Cover the container

4. Store the container in an undisturbed area for 5 days.
5. Strain and drinking
6. You can make a lot and store in the fridge, I was told that its preferably drank in the  morning and on an empty stomach.

7. You can repeat the above again and again as Xue lian will grow over days and you can throw away the extras

How I find it?
I think it taste yarky, a bit like vinegar… LOL.. so I think to play safe don’t drink with empty stomach. LOL…

Blogger problem again

Hi, readers. I always have problem replying comments. Please forgive me if u see me posting and didn't reply your comments. Not that i'm unfriendly, it’s that i can't reply comment. Will try to reply as soon as blogger allow me to.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rabbit Brand Seafood

Outlet 1:

#02-114 Lucky Plaza 304 Orchard Road

Tel: 6737 9722

Opening Hours: 11.00 am – 9.00 pm, Mon-Sat (Sun & Public Holidays Close)

Outlet 2:

11 Circular Road, Singapore 049367

Tel: 6557 0874

Opening Hours: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm, Mon-Sat (Sun & Public Holidays Close)

Website: http://www.rabbitbrand.com.sg/pg3.htm

My sis and I went to the circular one, this is the 4th time I went there. They sell many seafood sets ranging from S$4.90 to S$11.90 . They also have side dishes that they sell separately ranging from $1.50 to $2.10. There are a total of 5 sides to choose from: fried fish, 2 types of vegetables, fried spinach tofu and peanuts. I love their peanuts, its really soft and fragrance.

The food are in small amount and for the price you paid, don’t expect top quality abalone or shark’s fin. They are usually small. I’m not crazy over sea food in general, I go there mainly my sis like sea food and I like their side dishes.

Half abalone

My sis fav items in the stall is their spicy dip


Fried fish

Etude house mask haul

Etude house is having every $10 worth of mask bought, get 2pc free promo. You get to choose the free mask from their $2.50 range. I think when i was there, they only have 3 types for me to choose from: promogate, pearl or moistfull

Mangoesity-mango tango cake

I bought a 400g mango cake from Mangoesity few weeks back. I was really shock when I 1st saw my cake, it was really small.. I should have taken a picture of it with my palm. Lol.. It’s just slightly bigger than my palm… No wonder my sis says their cakes are expensive, the palm size cake cost about $15.

The mango on the cakes are really fresh and sweet, no wonder they dare to promise money back guarantee if the mango is not sweet. The sponge is average and the black/dark brown crust is really nice, I think its make of Oreo or digestive biscuit. However, I think the crush is too dry for such a small cake. The crust is really nice and would have gone well with the cake if the cake has being bigger and contain more moisture