Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo upload limit reached

Hi, I can't upload anymore photo in my blog as i hit my photo limit.

Anyone know how can I increase my limit? Lol

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creamery Creek Soap

I have heard so much about Creamery Creek Soap in YouTube that I have to tried it.

Delivery service is super fast. I ordered last week and got it this week. It's way much faster than any seller online. Haha....

I bought 8 bar of soap and she gave 1 bar and 3 samples free. That is so generous of her. :)

Omg she definitely make one of the best soap on earth. All the soap smell great. Sometime soap from the same seller smell similar though they are of different fragrance. Her soap do not have this characteristic. That's one of the reason why I like it.

I bought Soaps of these fragrances:

Bulgaria Rose Fragrance Oil
Mandarin Orange Fragrance Oil
Peach De Vigne Fragrance Oil
Red Clover Tea Fragrance Oil
Love Spell Fragrance Oil
Blueberry Scrub Fragrance Oil

She gave me a full size bonsai, mermaid shape pink sugar soap and 2 smaller other samples (lavender n oat milk).

They are stored like this....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet body soap from etsy

This is one of my sis favorite soap maker. Haha. My sis like sweet smelling soap so sweet body soap is perfect for her.

I bought :

Vanila Berry Mochaccino soap bar
So sweet L'll sheep soap bar
Appleberry spice mega soap
Raspberry Creme Brulee soap bar
Lime frosted mega soap bar
Hello sugar 4 oz foaming bath whip cream

I do like her soap but not as crazy as my sis. She is one of those sellers that soap smell pretty similar. I bought a few soaps and find them not very distinctive in fragrance. They are all super sweet...

THe 2 mega soap i bought are really huge, i cut up one of them. I got 5 big chunks from the bar.

My sheep came with a disfigured face.. LOL.. its still quite cute...

Vanila Berry Mochaccino soap bar is a whipped soap, i hear whipped soap float on water. Will test it out when i have the time.. LOL..

Raspberry Creme Brulee soap bar

Hello sugar  foaming bath whip cream, it smell like ice cream... yummy yummy... I used it just now, it foam very well but the scent don't last at all. Once you wash off the foam, u don't smell it anymore..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

MalenasGourmet from etsy

Being buying quite abit of soap lately... Love soaps...
2 deliveries came.... One of them is a box from MelenasCourment.
The owner is Malena, she is the nicest seller i have ever met on etsy.
She is so sweet, she actually send me a message after my purchase and ask how i find her products.
No other sellers ever does that.

She send me a card along with the soaps, that's so so sweet. I was super impressed with the way she pack my goods, everything was so neat and tight inside and nothing was damaged.

The Soap are all individually wrapped. they are so beautifully wrapped. OMG...
I wanted to try one of them and my sis nearly stop me from opening it... She keep telling me that they are so beautifully wrap and i should just keep them as they were since i have plenty of soap to use at the moment.  LOL....

Pretty soaps in gorgeous wrapping... Malenas included 2 samples for my purchase: a massage bar and a strawberry scrub soap. I have being using the scrub soap, it produce creamy foam with plenty of exfoliation beads in it and is a great scrub. I have to get a bar of this soap once i'm quite done with my current scrubs.

I bought:
Frosted cranberry
White truffle raspberry
Peach blossom
Creamy pepermint

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why soap from etsy

Instead of buying from lush or any other big brands, u gals must have realized that I have switch to getting my bath products from home base soap makers.

One of the reasons is, there are many such businesses there and I get to try out many different products. Believe me, different soap makers make different soap. They were really very different. Qualities varies as well. It's great fun trying them up. I go back to those I really like but keep trying new ones as well.

Another reason is I feel like supporting them, I think it's not easy for small business to survive. I really don't want to see good soap makers closing down. It will be such a wasted

Hope more people will support homemade soap :)

Tarachapman etsy haul

Felted soaps.. Lol..

I never know such things exist till I come across it on etsy.


It's a soap and washcloth all in one. It's a soap covered with wool. Wool has natural anti-fungal properties and will retain its freshness.

As we use the soap, the wool remains tight around the soap making the bar last longer. The felt shrinks along with the soap and the casing can be reused by slitting along the edge and inserting a new bar of soap.

I bought 5 for $36 inclusive of shipping. Each bar weight about 6oz.

I bought:
Honey almond
Warm vanilla sugar
Buttercream cupcake
Blueberry muffin
Lime cilantro

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life goes on...

I have just went through the worst 3 weeks of my life. I saw the worst sight of a person, look is really deceiving.

But I'm glade it over. Need to move on with life.

Soap soap soap here I come. My soap hauls have being keeping me less unhappy this few weeks :)