Thursday, March 31, 2011

Serum serum...

I decided to do a ultimate serum comparism.. LOL.. comparing the cheap and expensive serum i have used. The remark and comments are strictly base on my own opinion and as different people have different skin type what work better on me may not be as good as others. (warr.. sound

Oh well.. suddenly feel like being serious.. LOL.. ok let me go on with the review.  For this post, i'm  only going to compare hydrating serum... yap...  what i have used so far are:

Chanel Precision hydramax + active serum

I'm currently using this, am finishing soon ;) (if only i can finish my makeup as fast as i finish my skincare). Its 50ml and cost about $150 i think. Usually they come in 30ml (i'm not sure the exact volume but am sure its lesser than 50ml) and this one is a LE which i remember is much more worth that's why i got it. It smelly great like every other Chanel skincare. However, i fell that its fragrance is a bit too strong for a skincare.

Its good as it keep my skin hydrated. But i don't think i'm going to get another one after i'm done with this bottle, as i don't really like my skincare to have such strong fragrance plus i'm going to pay a lot more if i'm getting the 30ml one.

Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water Fresh Aqua Serum
I just got this last week and have being using it alternatively with my chanel serum. Its about $21 for 40ml, way much cheaper than my chanel serum. But i guess every penny counts, its definitely much less concentrated. I can feel the different when I’m using chanel and when i'm using this. Lagoon water is very watery and absorb quite fast. I got combination skin and certain parts of my face can get really dry so using it alone is not enough, i use Lagoon water with my anti aging serum

Kenzoki face phenomenon

I think most of you know i'm a kenzoki addict.. LOL.. Yes, one of the products i really like from Kenzoki is their face phenomenon serum. A bottle of 30ml cost $105. I never realize that its so expensive till i was writing this review, i guess i never really feel the pinch as i usually buy when there’s a sale. Plus the SA usually give me so many GWP that make it not so ex after all.. LOL..

I think its better than the chanel serum i'm using. I still have 2 bottles as backups, so will be using it once my chanel finishes. It really moisturizes my face and keep it hydrated plus i really like the mild bamboo fragrance. I really like the bamboo fragrance, its nice but not overly strong. i'm totally addicted to their bamboo beneficial water.

Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum

Last but not least is the Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum which i could not find the pic i took.. Ermmmm.. oh well... Here is a link to the product for those who would like to know how it look like.

I bought the super Aqua serum when they are having a promotion last year, i used it once i bought. It been a while and i have totally forgotten the price of it. All i remember is, its a lot more expensice than chanel as i got both around the same time. What i do remember is,  its good and it hydrates well. But i never went back to get a 2nd bottle as the SA i always get my Guerlain stuffs left . So I stop buying Guerlain as most of their SA are quite unfriendly. No point spoiling my day when there are so many alternative out there.

Delivery from The Sample Store

I was blogging and waiting for my delivery from The Sample Store. A lady from TSS called me yesterday and arrange for my delivery to be send today between 8-10pm. The currier came at 8plus.. I’m so excited when I saw him carrying 2 boxes ;)

As I ripe open my parcel, I was really excited. I bought 3 sets of Hair care kits from TSS. Which come with free delivery, but i was charge with $1 when i included 4 samples.. oh well... $1 for currier, its cheap....LOL..

 I only opened 2 of them and they have identical same content.

The contents:
10 sachets of Loreal Renutrition masks,
5 sachets of Loreal Smooth Intense
10 sachets of Loreal Anti-Frizz serum,
A set of Ichikami shampoo & conditioner,
Silky Smooth shampoo & conditioner
Ba Wang shampoo.
Travel size products: Loreal Nutri-Shine and Loreal Damage Care shampoo

Dior Haul

When orchard when i was on leave last week. Drop by Taka and i got these from Dior....

From left to right:

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Powder Makeup 20 and 23

Diorskin flash concealer 10

Eye brown pencil and 3 lip sticks

The GWP  with every $250 purchase is a set of samples and a mirror

The newly launch BB cream is also included in the sample set

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I bought a birthday cake for a kid lately and really like the cake so i decided to post the pic of the cake ;)

There is a new bubble store @ jurong, its called A-gantea,

located at Blk 135 Jurong East Street 13, #01-323

The one i have above is their pear fruit tea, it comes with white pearls that are very chewy.
Its nice but a bit expensive.

I have already tried a few of their drinks, my favorite is their Taro milk tea ;)

They not only allow you to choose sugar level, they also let u choose the amount of ice you want for your drink.

Here is a list of drinks, which I have tried and my little comments:

Taro milk tea

I think it’s the nicest drink they have in their stall (to me so far). The taro milk tea comes with coconut jelly and small chunks of taro. I had it @ half sweet I think. I don’t remember how they present their sugar level, I think its not in term of %. I had it twice, the first time I even add pearl (yap I’m really greedy.. LOL)

Hawaii fruit tea

It’s the first drink I tried from this stall, its nice but a bit too sweet for me even when I have it @ half sweet. There is nothing special about this drink, I think it taste like the passion fruit tea I had before in Koi or some other bubble tea store. The only diff I guess is that they have slices of fruits in the drink, I had a slice of orange and apple in mine. I’m not sure if the type of fruits they put in the tea is random as when my friend had theirs, they had lemon and apple.

Pear fruit tea

Light and refreshing with crunchy pearls, it nice but don’t know why its so ex compare to the rest of the drinks in the stall. I might get one again when I feel rich and feel like pampering

Milk cap

I think its call milk cap tea.. lol.. oh well its one of the recommended ones in their menu on the wall. In fact I have only managed to try all the highly recommended ones.

I wanted to try this when I went there for the 1st time, but the crew told me they do not have it yet. I managed to get this last Friday. Unlike the rest, this drink is not very sweet. The crew recommended me to have it at 80% I think. ( I really have to go back and check how they denote their sugar level).

I haven't try their strawberry milk tea but my friends did and says its really nice better than the Hawaii one they tried

Roselle Honey Tea

I have just tried their Roselle tea today so decided to update this posting.
Its has aiyu in it and instead of syrup, honey is used to sweeten the drink, I never asked to reduce the sweetness level this time as the crew told me not to since its only honey. I find it abit sweet but overall i still like it. the drink is a bit sour and sweet overall very refreshing for a hot saturday day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dinner @ suntec guild house

I went to the terrace in Suntec, its a restaurant that offer out door dining in Suntec, where you can eat and enjoy the view of. errm... all the famous hotel in singapore??? LOL...

Though there is no nice scenery there, but the overall ambiance was good. The food was not bad too. I paid about $33 net for a 4 course set meal with free flow of juices (not freshly squeeze one of course).

 My meal starts with an appetizer, i ordered the pie on the first picture while my freind had the smoke salmon. They both quite nice

 Then came the soup, we don't have a choice for soup, both of us don't really like the soup. Not sure what it is till now.. LOL... The soup come with garlic bread that is so soggy that my freind dip it into her soup> LOL...

 I ordered the beef ribs, the serving is generous and the meat are really tender, I really like it ;) the ribs come with a generous serving of smash potato that is equally delicious.

Last of all, dessert. Its 2 slices of chocolate mousse cake, i ate one then remembered to take a pic of it.. LOL...

This is the detail of the restaurant

The Terrace

Wine & dine under the stars at The Terrace. The balmy setting will put you at ease right away as you savour a glass of wine or indulge in delicious morsels of the choicest seafood during our weekend BBQ buffet.

Operating hours:

Sunday to Thursday & public holidays 11.30am to 12am
Friday, Saturday & eve of public holidays 11.30am to 2am
Tel: 6578 9806

Etude House haul 3

My sis and i have not plan to get any things from Etude house on sunday when we went Lot 1 for dinner but as we walk past Etude house that day, some thing caught our eyes... 20% off store wide... oh.. we can't give it a miss can we?????....

Etude house was having 20% off storewide from 25 to 27March for members. Errr... how come no one inform us... oh well at least we didn't miss it.. LOL...

My Haul:              

Ac clinic calming mist ($15.90)
Moistful collagen cream set ($43.90)
Black head cleansing foam ($18.90)
Mini size U pore serum set ($29.90)
Happy time cleansing foam ( peach and aloe vera: $7.90 each)

I also bought some nail polish.. LOL... they are all $2.50 each (petit darling collection) except for the dark colour one which is $5.90

What my sis bought....

She bought the whitening serum, lip sticks and balm and a guy bb cream set.

She bought this bb cream set for herself, she tried all the bb cream in the stall and felt that this is the best so she decided to get it despite the fact that its for guy.

The whitening serum set come with 12 pc of powder what is supposed to enhance the whitening effect of the serum (the tube in the box)

Happy tea tree cleansing foam (review)

I bought the happy tea tree cleansing foam on sunday, have being using it since then.. When i hold the tub, i think its quite heavy; it supposed to have 150g of content inside.

I like the scent of the cleansing foam; it has a light peachy smell. When I squeeze out the content, it has this creamy look. The cleanser clean quite well, leaves behind a cleansed feeling. I don’t think its suitable for people with dry skin,.

SASA sale

SASA seem to be having sale on and off near my place... I'm not a big fan of SASA as i find their staff quite ex especially their perfume. Last month when i was shopping in Lot1, i come across a SASA organised fair at level 1. Being very KPO, i went n take a look.. OMG... LOL.. it turn out to be a good sale after all....
I bought quite a few items....

From canmake, 2 for $10

From Cyber colour 3 for $10 (definitely the best deal for the haul...) The tube at the far right is a makeup base, its a dubet of

Etude House nail polish

i bought a few nail polish during the Etude house sale yesterday..

I use the green one and the yellow for my nail today ;)

Only 2 coats of polished was applied for each colour.. i simply love this combination.. remind me of smarties chocolate.. LOL...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Etude House haul 2

I went to etude house again the next day with my sis after our 1st haul. We really like the baking powder BB cream makeup removal ;) so we decided to try out more skincare stuffs from there.

I bought 
Moistfull Collagen set which come with a moisturiser and a mask
Mini siz U softener which come with some cotton pad 
Ac clinic red spot balm set which come with the balm and a cleanser
Aqua Sherbet serum

Moistfull Collagen set which come with a moisturiser and a mask

Ac clinic red spot balm set which come with the balm and a cleanser

GWP.... LOL....

Etude House haul 1

I think i have mentioned in my previous post that Lot1 has an Etude house now... OMG... i'm so happy, i always like Etude house make up, i think its much better than many other korean brands.. LOL...

I went there recently, in fact i went there 3 time within a week, i never bought any makeup.. LOL.. I bought mainly skincare... My sis keep telling me that she heard a lot of good review about their skincare so i decided to give it a try ;)

Theses are what my sis and i bought, 2 hand cream (top left corner), baking powder exfoliator and bb cream makeup removal, mini size U serum set and makeup removable tissue. I bought their eye makeup removal tissue before and really like it so I bought more this time ;) I have used their green tea makup removal tissue before its good, doesn't sting my face so i decided to try the baking powder one this time.

The mini size U serum set come with 1 sample size toner and moisturiser. This range is supposed to have pore minimising ability, oh well.. i didn't really see any result after 1 week of usage but will continue to use it and will update u all.

I don't really use hand cream but i find these  2 cuties too adorable to be missed... LOL...

GWP... i really like the pouch ;).. its spacious and come with compartments for brushes on one side.


Morning... i feel so sick when i woke up today.. decided that i should go see doc..
Will wait till 8.30am... ;(

Oh well... i don't think i want to go back n sleep now. will blog instead... lol....

I'm sick again....

My work place is full of virus, not including those we made in the lab.. LOL..

Basically everyone is sick in my lab and i got my share of flu as well...

Oh well... i have be shopping lately... LOL...

Bought stuffs from Etude house, Dior and lancome... Oh ya nature republic too...

Took pic and will post soon, along with some review of course... LOL...

I just bought :

The Sample Store

Hair Care Kit (35pcs)

Will post and review when i got it ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watson Fair @ Lot 1

I went to Lot 1 just now and there was a watson fair there.. Some special promo plus 20% off some makeup eg. ZA, canmake etc.. No big deal i guess.. LOL..

World of sport has a 10 + 20% off deal when i was there too.. i took the apportunity and got 2 pairs of running shoes ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mini Guardian Haul

My sis has always being a big fan of gardian mask.. LOL..
We drop by gardian few weeks back and they are having a promotion, we took the apportunity to grab a few boxes of their newer mask to try ;) there are a total of 3 types of mask avaliable.

i tried the collagen one, i think its good. Definitely better than my beauty diary ;)
Though they are on sale, they r definitely not old stocks

I haven't tried the other, will review when i tried

These are the rest that i bought....