Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sephora's Birthday @ ION
In celebration of Sephora's Birthday @ ION,
Every $10 off with every $100 spent (store wide: can even by BOS3) in ION till Sunday, 21st Nov 2010.
When u spend $240 u get additional $40 when u join them as member.
So if u spend $300, u get $30 + $40 =$70 voucher

Metro ladies night
Metro paragon
19nov 2010
Female member only
20% storewide +10% on selected brands
5% metro credit rebate + 5% rebate if spend more than $350

Xmas haul

I tend to spend alot when its near Xmas... LOL...This week haul...

From Urban decay...

Yes.. i bought BOS3 ($88) on sat when its launch... my friend went and que for me as i need to work over the weekend...

Every $120 spend we get a goodies bag so i top up my purchase with an eyeliner set (blue n brown)

The 2 eye liners plus a sharpener was retailed @ $48  (one 24/7 cost around $30plus). Its OOS when i went today...  I wanted to get the other set which is the black and purple one.

BOS3... so pretty....

The goodies bag contain 1 small primer, 1 small 24/7 brown and few other samples. Quite worthy...

I meet my friend at the RMK party to collect my UD and i bought the the RMK Xmas collection as well...

Thre are 2 Xmas set this year, a palette and a brush set.

The palette comes with a silver hand bag

There are 2 layers for the palette top layer is ES and blush and 2nd layer is highlighter and a brush.

I thought i would stop after RMK but my poor pock suffer another round on the next day...

BHG bugis is having a beauty fair, for every $150 spend u get a goodies bag n a free hand or shoulder massage.

I bought a SKII gel foundation plus casing and top up my purchase with loreal collagen mascara and maybelline lip balm.

The generous SKII sa give me some samples to try.. ;)

The goodies bag

Monday, November 8, 2010

Coastal sand 88 palette (matte & metallic)

My sis and i recently bought the coastal sand 88 palette, i bought the matte one and she bought the metallic one.

They are both very pretty n pigmented....

88 Eyeshadow Palette - METAL MANlA

88 Eyeshadow Palette - ORIGINAL MATTE

We bought them at $25plus each.
Before we got them, we thought they r huge from the pic online but it turn out to be quite small.. LOL..

To give u gals a rough idea how big it is, i put the stage palette on top of the coastal one. Its just a bit bigger than the stage palette...

Long weekend haul part 2

The other Suntec sale

I went to another sale in suntec on 5th nov. Its at level 2 directly below the venue for the sephora sale.
The lady that did the sale will be doing a bigger one on 19th nov again in suntec. I am definietly going to be there again.

There are many brands there e.g UD, Too face, CK...etc...

I bought 1 UD lip stick ($14), 1 CK lipstick ($12), 1 CK liquid eyeliner and 1 too face ES duo ($14)

In the sephora sale, the UD lipsticks are selling @ 2 for $40, therefore its more worth to get this item from her. But she is selling the eye brow kit @$20 plus which is more ex than in the sephora sale.
I really like the CK lipstick i bought, its as good as my fav Chanel lipstick, equally moisturizing but i like CK more as its slimmer so more portable ;) Will definetly be geting more from her next sale ;)

The too face ES i bought

The UD lipstick i bought

Robinson EXPO sale

I was really bored on saturday so i went all the way to the east.. LOL..

I bought a maybelline gel eyeliner ($12plus), Guerlain lipstick, Guerlain Volga Princess Eyes and Lip Palette and IPSA Optimum Balance Face Color Palette

The lip stick colour... I used it once and was really disappointed with the texture.. i should have gotten another  Optimum Balance Face Color Palette instead, they cost about the same ;(


The Optimum Balance Face Color Palette come with 2 brushes, they look rubbish to me but i was impressed after i used them. They r really soft. I bought the one with orange blush, they have another with pink blush.

Long weekend haul part 1

It's be so long since i spent a lot in makeup.. LOL..
I did it again over the long weekend, went to 3 sales: Sephora (twice), suntec sale and Robinson expo sale.

These are what i got from Sephora sale:

Day 1

3 for $20 sephora shower gel and chocolate scrubs
2 for $30 too face eye shadow base and sugar block (abit like BB bricks)
2 for $40 UD eye shadow single (purple) and eye brow set
3 for $5 makeup tools and hair mask
$80 bare essential starter kit

sephora shower gel and chocolate scrubs

makeup tools and hair mask, too face eye shadow base and sugar block plus  UD eye shadow single (purple) and eye brow kit

I have not use the sugar block but have used the eye shadow base, i think is not good, the review in makeup alley was very extreme, u either love it or hate it kind, i think i hate it.. lol..

The eye brow kit is ok i think, no big deal.. lol.. but heard alot of very good review about it.

$80 bare essential starter kit

The kit come with  two shades of SPF 15 Foundation, Mineral Veil, Warmth All-Over Face Color, bareVitamins skin rev-er upper,  kauki Brush, Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, Flawless Application Face Brush, and a How-to DVD.

I haven't try the product yet but i took out the kauki Brush too feel the hair, it look like a broom but was really soft ;)

Day 2

2 for $40 hour glass finishing powder and blush duo

I was really lucky to be able to get these 2 babies on my 2nd trip to sephora sale.
Most of the hour glass products are gone after the 1st day (to being with, there are not many in the 1st place).
The SA happen to discover the blush duo when i was there and was checking it out, i asked if i could have it n she gave it to me. As its 2 for $40, i got the finishing powder along with it, the finshing powder was really really smooth, never seen such smooth texture before.. LOL.. i really love these 2 buy ;)

I also bought UD gel makeup removal, forgotten to take a pic of it. I used it once, its work fine but i hate the smell.
Very strong n unpleasant.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back from Sephora

Just came back from sephora sale.. 
Can't believe it, my friend n i were the 1st 2 pp in there...
Not very many things but not bad...
Most things are 2 for $20 or 2 for $40.

Most sephora produtcs are 2 for $20 or $30
Most too face 2 for $30 e.g ES, lip gloss etc
Most urban decay are 2 for $40 eg ES single, pencil n liquid eyeliners (no black) 
Will post pic of my haul once i reach home.. still busy at work ;)