Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last ELF haul ( for the time being)

My sis and i are quite well supplied with now.. We plan not to buy any thing from them for the time being.. LOL...

I think its quite fun to take pics of my sis opening the package

This haul is mainly consist of the ELF beauty books

I bought 1 in the previous haul, its so pretty that my sis and i decided to get more this time round. We bought 15 in total basically 3 per book. The whole collection is consist of 5 books.

If i have not mentione before, i going to tell u gals now, ELF do not pack their products properly, at least not as well as the others that i have bought stuffs from. We always have one or 2 items damaged or crushed in each haul. But they are usually not too serious, but this time look....

A few of the ES (black cracked and contaminated the silver on next to it, the bronze one complete disintegrated) in one of the book cracked and its quite messy... Lucky we bought 3 sets.. LOL..i plan to de-port this, but i need to find containers to keep the products.. oh well.. i will see what i can do...

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