Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lipsmacker.. Lots of lip balms

Its the time of the year again...


 My sis lip balm hauling season.. LOL..

Ok, i should not make fun of my sister.. LOL.....
oh well, she know what's good out there and she like lip smacker lip balm.
Which i do agreed its really good. Dry lips no more.. LOL...

The last time we ordered from lip smacker was like 1-2yrs ago, we ordered a lot too then and end up giving a lot away. This time round i managed to help me sis sold off some of the extras ;) to friends.

My sis still got quite a few extras, if u gals interested feel free to leave a comment and i will get back after my CNY holiday ;)

Back to what we bought.....

 Shimmering Sweet Lip Collection (x2 Left top and bottom)
 Lip Smacker® High Shine Lip Collection (x2 Right bottom 2)
Pretty Pink Lip & Face Collection  (Left middle one)
BONNEBELL® Winter Radiance Collection (Right top, in green pouch)

 BONNEBELL® Sweet Wishes Lip Collection (x2 Left on top row)
 BONNEBELL Beautiful Dreams Collection (outer most left 2nd row)
 Skittles® Frosty Sweet Treats Lip Collection (x2, right of 2nd row)
Lip Smacker® Sweet Treats Collection (right of top row)

The  Skittles® Frosty Sweet Treats Lip Collection is really cute...

Lip Smacker® M&M's®,  SPF 24 and Soda Flavors Party Pack
 The M&M  lip balms are so so so cuteeeee.... I kept 4 for myself...

 Smackers® Kiss of Color™ Assorted favor (6pcs) and 2 Eye D'Votion Illusion (silver ones)

We bought shampoo and shower gel too...

BONNEBELL® Winter Radiance Collection

Shimmering Sweet Lip Collection

I’m totally in love with the lip balm in this collection, I have only used the lip balm, will review the entire collection when I tried them all.
It’s a lip balm so its expected to be moisturizing etc.. What I’m surprise is its glitters.. I have never expected a lip balm to be so glittery.. LOL.. Who need lip stick when you have such glittering lip balm ;P

 I like the caption on the balm, there are different captions on all the 3 balms

Plenty of products......

 I really like the pink glitter.. look like I'm wearing lip stick....

Smackers® Kiss of Color (top) really look like the e.l.f. Essentials Luscious Liquid Lipstick (bottom)

 I will do a detail review and comparison between the 2 ( i think i still have tones of products to try out and to do review ;p)

 Pretty Pink Lip & Face Collection

  The liquid lip

 I'm sure u gals know i'm crazy over cheek stain, i'm really excited with this cheer glitter.. i'm not sure at this moment what i can do with this.. but i'm still excited.. LOL..

 Initially i thought the the round pot we have in the collection is an ES.. but i was surprised when i saw the instruction at the back of the product. AVOID EYES.. errrr.. LOL..

 I'm not sure if you can see, it turn out to be a glitter powder for cheeks and body.. LOL.. the biggest problem with me is i sometime just assume.. LOL.. lucky i'm slow this time and didn't used it as an es.. LOL...

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