Friday, September 17, 2010

Korea trip Summary

I was there about 7days..

2 days at Jeju-island

Jeju Island is a volcanic island, dominated by Halla-san (Halla Mountain). The island was created entirely from volcanic eruption. Its a popular honeymoon place for the south Korean, as newly web couples like to go and touch the nose of Dol hareubangs. Dol hareubangs are considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility. The tour guide told us that out of 10 couples, 8 will have son after touching the statue. LOL.. She also got a son after she touch the statue..

Dol hareubangs, can be found all over the island.. took a pic of them at the foot of a mountain :). 

Seaside view from the island

We climb the Seongsan (Sunrise Peak), when we are there, its pack with people, can't event take a proper pic.. LOL..
The view was good when we are on top of the peak.

We visited the bear museum as well, its quite a small place but quite nice. They even have my fav band.. Beatles!!! LOL...

The tour guide told us that we are plucking orange when we 1st reached korea but when we reached the plantation, we are informed that the oranges are not wripe yet so can't plug ( so disappointed) and as they r all green the plantation put up fake one for us to take pic..
LOL.. The guide even ofer to  teach us how to take pic and make the fake one look real. so lame lei.. i purposely took one that show both... LOL...

We also visited the car museum, many antique cars.. i'm not into car.. LOL. we are not suppose to cross beyond the barrier but many of aunties in the tour group when over and took pic.. LOL..
 The tour told us that we are visiting a tea plantation but all they did is bring us to a tea field in the middle of the road to take a pic. I was hopping that they will bring us into the tea museum, opp the field, for a visit. osulloc tea is good and i didn't even get to buy any back.

BTW,  i'm drinking osulloc tea now, my sis bought them when she was in Korea.

2 days at Yeoju

The 2 days in Jeju is pack with activities but the next 2 days is more relaxing, we are allow to sleep in late. We stay in 2 different resorts for the 2 days, both resorts are situitated in the country side with beautiful scenery. As they are in the country side, there are nothing to explore in the eveing and we all end up watching TV indoor.

We also visited less palces these two days. We spend half a day in a theme park. The theme park is much bigger than the Hong Kong disney land. They even have a mini zoo.

I think they are foxes.. lol.. quite sure not rabbits...

Baby tigers... Very cute right.. LOL...

I think the funnest things that happen in the trip is the so call spa activity... LOL..
we were told that we will be going for a 2hr spa and it turn out that they brought us to Korea swimming pool...

Saw these 2 birds at the entrance of the swimming pool.. LOL.. remind me of the pack at home.. LOL...

2 days in Seoul

I took the pic when i was waiting for our tour guide to check us into our hotel in Seoul. The hotels has a few identical lambs in the lobby, really pretty.. Its suppose to be a 6 stars hotel, errr.. i think the lobby is 6 stars but the toilet is at most 4 star..

 BTW, in general the hotels in Korea are below my expectation


 Took this when we were visiting the king palace.. lol...


 Busy street, the guide only give us 1hr to shop.. not ENOUGH LA....

 I only managed to buy lip balms n few pcs of mask from a shop...

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