Monday, September 20, 2010

Movies i watched lately....

I watched like 1 movie per week.. lol...

The last 2 movies i watched are Vampires sucks and Love cuts

1. Vampires Suck

I have no intension to watch this show initially. i expect it to be some comedy that have not much content.
I knew a group of 14yrs old who are very excited about the show and was really disappointed that its NC16.
I was very much affected by their disappointment and decided to check the show out.

I really shouldn't have doubt my judgment... LOL.. Crude dialogs and incomprehensible jokes.
Really not my cup of tea.

2. Love cuts

Its a local production, i quite like it. Though the story line is not very strong. There is a message to take home. Quite touching... The 2 main casts in the show are good, i remember watching Kenny Ho movies when i was young. He still look so good, i'm sure he's quite old now.. LOL...

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