Monday, September 27, 2010

Korea Haul

I didn't shop much for this trip and i'm really quite disappointed.. ;(

Oh well..... But i did bought somethings...

Hanskin mask, i stupidily thought Hanskin only sell BB cream.. LOL.. Its really good, used a few pcs le. Bought it at 10 for USD $18.
I think in general their products are ex... LOL...

I walk by Holika Holika and my friend was attracted by the uniform of the SA so we went in and that was the 1st and last decent buy i have done in Korea.. LOL.. I bought this on the 1st day when i reach korea.

I bought masks and a bb cream and a makeup base and FOC the triple kit (ES, blusher and lip gloss)
The BB cream come with a spoon n a sponge

The triple kit from Left: ES, blusher and lip gloss

I got some free ginseng mask when i bought ginseng, the bllue mask was a walk in gift from a shop. Can't remember what the name of the shop, i did have time to buy anything need to go up the coach soon after i step into the shop.

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