Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creamery Creek Soap

I have heard so much about Creamery Creek Soap in YouTube that I have to tried it.

Delivery service is super fast. I ordered last week and got it this week. It's way much faster than any seller online. Haha....

I bought 8 bar of soap and she gave 1 bar and 3 samples free. That is so generous of her. :)

Omg she definitely make one of the best soap on earth. All the soap smell great. Sometime soap from the same seller smell similar though they are of different fragrance. Her soap do not have this characteristic. That's one of the reason why I like it.

I bought Soaps of these fragrances:

Bulgaria Rose Fragrance Oil
Mandarin Orange Fragrance Oil
Peach De Vigne Fragrance Oil
Red Clover Tea Fragrance Oil
Love Spell Fragrance Oil
Blueberry Scrub Fragrance Oil

She gave me a full size bonsai, mermaid shape pink sugar soap and 2 smaller other samples (lavender n oat milk).

They are stored like this....

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