Sunday, April 8, 2012

MalenasGourmet from etsy

Being buying quite abit of soap lately... Love soaps...
2 deliveries came.... One of them is a box from MelenasCourment.
The owner is Malena, she is the nicest seller i have ever met on etsy.
She is so sweet, she actually send me a message after my purchase and ask how i find her products.
No other sellers ever does that.

She send me a card along with the soaps, that's so so sweet. I was super impressed with the way she pack my goods, everything was so neat and tight inside and nothing was damaged.

The Soap are all individually wrapped. they are so beautifully wrapped. OMG...
I wanted to try one of them and my sis nearly stop me from opening it... She keep telling me that they are so beautifully wrap and i should just keep them as they were since i have plenty of soap to use at the moment.  LOL....

Pretty soaps in gorgeous wrapping... Malenas included 2 samples for my purchase: a massage bar and a strawberry scrub soap. I have being using the scrub soap, it produce creamy foam with plenty of exfoliation beads in it and is a great scrub. I have to get a bar of this soap once i'm quite done with my current scrubs.

I bought:
Frosted cranberry
White truffle raspberry
Peach blossom
Creamy pepermint

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