Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet body soap from etsy

This is one of my sis favorite soap maker. Haha. My sis like sweet smelling soap so sweet body soap is perfect for her.

I bought :

Vanila Berry Mochaccino soap bar
So sweet L'll sheep soap bar
Appleberry spice mega soap
Raspberry Creme Brulee soap bar
Lime frosted mega soap bar
Hello sugar 4 oz foaming bath whip cream

I do like her soap but not as crazy as my sis. She is one of those sellers that soap smell pretty similar. I bought a few soaps and find them not very distinctive in fragrance. They are all super sweet...

THe 2 mega soap i bought are really huge, i cut up one of them. I got 5 big chunks from the bar.

My sheep came with a disfigured face.. LOL.. its still quite cute...

Vanila Berry Mochaccino soap bar is a whipped soap, i hear whipped soap float on water. Will test it out when i have the time.. LOL..

Raspberry Creme Brulee soap bar

Hello sugar  foaming bath whip cream, it smell like ice cream... yummy yummy... I used it just now, it foam very well but the scent don't last at all. Once you wash off the foam, u don't smell it anymore..

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