Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have heard so much about Wicked Scentuals in Youtube that i must try her bubble bar. I bought 6 bubble bars and a whipped soap to try out. She has also generously throw in some soap samples for me to try. She has also throw in a shower loofah in my delivery. She is so generous ;)

Look at how bright n colourful her bubble bar are... they are all individually wrapped with bubble wrap. I'm so impressed with the way she ship her products, all my items came in perfect condition. (believe me, not all sellers take that effect)

I have used part of one of a bubble bar, it is much harder than the ones i bought from Lush. Therefore is not as easy to be used in the shower. But the fragrance is way much more intense. I love intense fragrance...

My soap samples.... i have used once bitten, the fragrance of this soap is no where as intense as the bubble bar i have used. Never the less, its a good piece of soap that lather very well.

Pretty pink shower loofah.... i did not used it with the whipped soap.. lol.. i must mentioned that her whipped soap which i got in fragrance Pink Thang smell gorgeous, its a sweet smell. The whipped soap does not lather very well but was intensively fragranced, The fragrance lasted quite long after shower.
I mixed it with another whipped soap that lather really well but has not much fragrance, the 2 complement each other really well ;)

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