Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Future primitives soap

This is a UK base company, the owner is Tiggy. This is her web site:

Her soap typically cost £4.95 per bar, a bit to the expensive side I must say. But u are paying for the quality.

The soap is so beautiful

I bought the spring bundle @ £13.85,
Save £1 off the regular price (if products were bought separately).

It consist of 3 Spring Release soaps:

'Black Honey' - Freshly potted British Hedgerow Honey, Warm Spices, Dry Leaves, Lemons & Mandarins.

'The Shire' - A host of spring blossoms from Worcestershire. Closed lavender buds waiting to hatch, Geranium leaves tossed in Gardenia absolute and a fistful of star-shaped Ylang Ylang flowers.

'Green Room' - Smashed Rosemary ; Spearmint leaf mingles with the uplifting scent of ripe Mandarins and vintage surfboard wood.

The description of the soap is obtained from Tiggy website.

I have unwrapped black honey, it look exactly like the picture on the web. It's so pretty.

I think her soap is really good,  soap lather well and moisturizing to the skin. However I'm not a big fan with the fragrance of her soap. I bought another batch soap from her after this one, i still could not find any fragrance that i really like. What a pity.

My purchase came with a sample of clotted peach soap.

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