Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lakmé palette

I was blog reading again today, i'm really in a holiday mood, no things done and serve web all the time.
Plus my boss MIA again so i'm totally not motivated to do anything ..

Oh well i found a nice blog and discover a new brand..LOL

Blog :
According to the blogger she wrote:
The price is so amazingly cheap for the quality you will get. I bought the entire eyeshadow palette for USD$14.95

Brand: Lakmé

I think Lakmé is from indian,
The pallete is really pretty

I think we can order them online from:

USD is quite low now, i'm really tempt to get it...LOL..
BTW friends, i getting NYX from cherry culture, sms me if u want me to help u get too..LOL..

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