Sunday, December 20, 2009

Les Noirs by Chanel

The pictures above as obtained online.
When we 1st saw this range in a local magazine, my sis and i was really thrill..The colour are dark and really pretty. i immediately fall in love with the ES.

When i saw the ES at the counter, the ES look lovely but when i  did a swatch, i was a bit disappointed. Out of the 4 colour in the quads only 2 are intense while the other 2 are not very pigmented. The green colour one was what i really like when i see it on the mag but it turn out to be not very green, its more grayish than green

The pallet is pretty but was not as pretty as i have expected. i bought it in the end. i must say the green in this pellete is not as pretty as the green in Murano (

i also tried one of the lip stick on, i just can't pull off the look. But it really really nice on my sis. She bought it..LOL..

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