Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kanebo redemption dec

Hi gals, if you have being collecting kenebo stamps, remember to go redeem for gifts!!!
My sa have not even inform me about it.. Its a friend that reminded me to do it..
I'm a bit piss by my SA,,,
oh well.. she won't see me in future, i'm going to get my kanebo from other counters..LOL

if i'm not wrong, for 30 stamps u can get a lip gloss
for 60 stamps, u can get 2 lip gloss or a press powder...

i'm going taka tomorrow to get my redemption done..LOL..
BTW if u prefer to redeem lunasol staff, taka is the only counter u can do so, other kanebo counter only allow u to redeem CD staffs.

Must get it done by dec

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