Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Sheer Secret.

I have used Sheer secret for few weeks and i guess it time to share how i feel about the products.
I have used the secret water, the serum and the day and night cream.
The secret water is suppose to be a toner cum nutrient water (kanebo has a similar products that i bought last year) but i think its too ex to be use as a tone so i only pad it on my face after my tonner.

Secret water

Secret water come in spray container, which is a much better packaging than the kanbo version.
Secret water is suspose to be more than just a tonner.
The sa told me to do these: 1st use as a toner, wet a cotten pad with secret water and pad it onto my face then spray some onto my palm and pad it into my face including eye areas. Follow by the serum

I feel that its a waste to use secert water as a toner plus i doubt it can clean my skin well if i only pad it. So i used my regular toner and only pad secret water with my hand onto my face after toner.

I'm not sure how good this is, as to me its just like water.. lol.. But i used it with the serum and i see improvement in my skin, my skin is less dehydrated now.

Will consider getting a big bottle after i finish my current ones.. LOL..


The serum comes in a drop bottle retail in 10ml and 30ml
The serum look like some yellow oil but its actually not oily at all.
I used it once in the morning and once in the evening after secret water.

Well definitely getting more of this.. lol..

Night cream

The only things i don't like so far is the night cream, its really thick n oily.. LOL..
i really don't like the texture.

Day cream

The day cream has SPF 30 and its nto as thick as the night cream.
I find it ok, but i still prefer lanecome day cream with SPF. lanecome one is much lighter in texture but its spf is only 15 i think.

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