Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy over ampoules (Part 2)- PRO-Q

i bought PRO-Q at $10 per box and each box contain 10pc of ampoules (3ml)

I was aware that is a different between make in France and formulate in France, the most obvious different is of course the price. PRO-Q is formulated in france and made in malaysia.

I bought quite a variety one shot

Purifying, fresh cell, trace elements, collagen, vit C, eye pouch, DNA and azulen

I ordered another batch few days ago and it included those that i feel its good and some new carity that was out of stock in my previous purchase.

I have tried Trace elements, collagen and Vit C.

Trace Element
  • For dry, dehydrated and tired skin.
  • Suitable to use before make up.
  • Revitalizes tired skin and moisturizing treatment for dry & dehydrated skin 
Collagen :  

  • For dehydrated, dull skin, ageing skin
  •  Anti-ageing, moisturizing, firming
Vitamin C Ampoule

  • All skin type
  • Prevent premature aging caused by UV exposure
  • Brightening, reduce pimples/acne spot and tightens pores
 Among the three i have tried, i like collagen the most.

I used trace element and collagen on my face. After using a whole tube of  trace element, my skin feel hydrate. Feel like i have done paper mask. 

As for collagen, i get had the  same effect with only 2/3 tube. I apply the rest on my super dehydrated leg. The next day the dried skin on my leg improved tremendously, the effect is way much better than applying body lotion.

In addition, i did not apply moisturizer after the ampuoles and my skin is not dried nor does it secret alot of oily the next morning. My face will be very oily the next morning if i never apply enough skin care the night before.

As for vit C, i applied it on my legs, one wholel tube on my leg.. LOL.. The effect is good, my leg is  hydrated n smooth after that.. 

LOL.. I need to use more vit c than collagen to have the same effect, but i guess its not fair to compare this way as the 2 ampoules have different function.

I'm stocking up more collagen now.. LOL..

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