Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy over ampoules (Part 1)

I'm crazy over ampoules lately.. Yes.. and i being buying alot too...

I started of buying expensive ones from the facial place i went to.. lol.. I bought 2 boxes of 5 @ $300 and later i went online and bought some cheaper ones...

1box of 10 (3ml) @ $10

Let's start  with the cheap ones.. LOL.. i come a cross a seller selling PRO-Q online.
She is quite nice and is willing meet accommodate my timing as long as i meet her at the MRT near her place.

I bought 2 boxes of PRO-Q from her, this brand is formulated in France but made in Malaysia. I do have some degree of confident with things make in Malaysia so i decide to give it a try plus a friend of mine used this before and the review was good.

These are the detail product description of the various types of PRO-Q ampules:

Collagen :  

  • For dehydrated, dull skin, ageing skin
  •  Anti-ageing, moisturizing, firming


  • For Sensitive Skin type
  • Soothing for skin type has redness and itchiness.

Whitening Ampoule

  • All skin type except Acne skin
  • Whitening and clarifies dark spots.

Lifting astringent

  • For all Skin type
  • Strengthens skin elasticity, slim & reshape face, suppleness, firmness and refines skin texture

Eye Pouch

  •  For treatment of delicate skin around the eye zone area.
  • Hydrate and  helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the eye contour area.
  • Minimizes dark circles and reduces puffiness.

Fresh Cell Ampoule

  • For All skin type except Sensitive skin
  • Improve Skin texture and elasticity, moisturizes and minimizes fine liner.


  • Indication: Acne, pimple, blemish and oily skin.
  • Function:
  • - Regulates excessive sebaceous section.
  • - Soothes irritated area
  • - Has an antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin.
  • - Prevent and decrease break out.
  • - Use as precaution for those who have breakout before menstruation.

Trace Element

  • For dry, dehydrated and tired skin.
  • Suitable to use before make up.
  • Revitalizes tired skin. - Moisturizing treatment for dry & dehydrated skin


  • For Oily skin and open pores skin.
  • Regulates oil secretions, tightening pores and leave skin clear matt
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Retain Moisture

Azulen Ampoule

  •   For sensitive and dry skin
  • Recovers moisture loss
  • Soothing and Revitalizing
  • Anti inflammatory properties soothes sensitive skin & irritated skin.
  • Decrease sensitivity of skin

DNA Ampoule

  •   All skin type except for sensitive skin
  •   Helps to rejuvenate and repair the skin after external
  •   Improve uneven skin texture, dilated pores, and scars.

Vitamin C Ampoule

  • All skin type
  • Prevent premature aging caused by UV exposure
  • Brightening, reduce pimples/acne spot and tightens pores

Firming Ampoule

  • All  skin type
  • Firming effect

Elastin Ampoule

  • All skin type
  • Restore elasticity and suppleness to skin.
  • Prevent formation of fine age lines through the elastin's firming action
I bought quite a variety of them, will give a detail review in my subsequent blog ;)
I just placed another order, 8 more boxes of them.. LOL..

Made in Germany ampoules...

I just realise that i don't know the name of the ampoules.. LOL.. will find out later when i go home and put it in... 

There is no brand name written on it actually.. OMG..LOL.. oh well...

Oh well...A bit bit of gossip...
The seller is one of a kind weird.. lol.. she refuse to leave her house for meet up so my sis went to her apartment to get it for me. Though i bought 10pc ie enough to fit a box, she wanted to charge my sis $0.60 for a box. Of course my sis didn't buy the box.. LOL.. Totally different from the PRO-Q sellers. 

I bought 10 types of ampoules to try. Bought them yesterday. Will review once i used them.. If its good, i don't mind dealing with the weird woman again.. LOL..
I think they look really pretty n colorful in the pic.. LOL..

These are the ones i bought from my facial place

The blue ones are for hydration and the while ones are purifying.

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