Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Haul

I went Bugis to collect my Shu Uemura ES single. Its being out of stock for like 3 weeks and when i was there the SA told me its  out of stock at the warehouse as well so i bought another es instead.

Since i was there, i decided to pick up a brush (20H) and a makeup base as well. I like the makeup base as its foam type and its can be used on the eye and face. i know i'm just plain lazy. Haha.. I got 2 bottles of makeup removal as GWP, i think Shu has one of the best makeup removal i ever used.

In additional to my haul, i also asked the SA to help me test out my painter brush. Yes, i bought a few painter bruches to be used as makeup brush ;)

i bought $70 worth of painter brush plus 3 brush holders last week.. LOL.. they look and feel just like the expensice makeup brushs i bought before...

This is the one that i bought to ask the SA to try out. She used it to apply ES for me. We both feel it work fine as an eye shadow brush.
In fact i used it again today and i think its work as well as any ES brushes i have ever bought.
i'm comparing to those good ones, not those cheap one u get from SASA.

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