Monday, November 8, 2010

Long weekend haul part 2

The other Suntec sale

I went to another sale in suntec on 5th nov. Its at level 2 directly below the venue for the sephora sale.
The lady that did the sale will be doing a bigger one on 19th nov again in suntec. I am definietly going to be there again.

There are many brands there e.g UD, Too face, CK...etc...

I bought 1 UD lip stick ($14), 1 CK lipstick ($12), 1 CK liquid eyeliner and 1 too face ES duo ($14)

In the sephora sale, the UD lipsticks are selling @ 2 for $40, therefore its more worth to get this item from her. But she is selling the eye brow kit @$20 plus which is more ex than in the sephora sale.
I really like the CK lipstick i bought, its as good as my fav Chanel lipstick, equally moisturizing but i like CK more as its slimmer so more portable ;) Will definetly be geting more from her next sale ;)

The too face ES i bought

The UD lipstick i bought

Robinson EXPO sale

I was really bored on saturday so i went all the way to the east.. LOL..

I bought a maybelline gel eyeliner ($12plus), Guerlain lipstick, Guerlain Volga Princess Eyes and Lip Palette and IPSA Optimum Balance Face Color Palette

The lip stick colour... I used it once and was really disappointed with the texture.. i should have gotten another  Optimum Balance Face Color Palette instead, they cost about the same ;(


The Optimum Balance Face Color Palette come with 2 brushes, they look rubbish to me but i was impressed after i used them. They r really soft. I bought the one with orange blush, they have another with pink blush.

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