Monday, November 8, 2010

Long weekend haul part 1

It's be so long since i spent a lot in makeup.. LOL..
I did it again over the long weekend, went to 3 sales: Sephora (twice), suntec sale and Robinson expo sale.

These are what i got from Sephora sale:

Day 1

3 for $20 sephora shower gel and chocolate scrubs
2 for $30 too face eye shadow base and sugar block (abit like BB bricks)
2 for $40 UD eye shadow single (purple) and eye brow set
3 for $5 makeup tools and hair mask
$80 bare essential starter kit

sephora shower gel and chocolate scrubs

makeup tools and hair mask, too face eye shadow base and sugar block plus  UD eye shadow single (purple) and eye brow kit

I have not use the sugar block but have used the eye shadow base, i think is not good, the review in makeup alley was very extreme, u either love it or hate it kind, i think i hate it.. lol..

The eye brow kit is ok i think, no big deal.. lol.. but heard alot of very good review about it.

$80 bare essential starter kit

The kit come with  two shades of SPF 15 Foundation, Mineral Veil, Warmth All-Over Face Color, bareVitamins skin rev-er upper,  kauki Brush, Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, Flawless Application Face Brush, and a How-to DVD.

I haven't try the product yet but i took out the kauki Brush too feel the hair, it look like a broom but was really soft ;)

Day 2

2 for $40 hour glass finishing powder and blush duo

I was really lucky to be able to get these 2 babies on my 2nd trip to sephora sale.
Most of the hour glass products are gone after the 1st day (to being with, there are not many in the 1st place).
The SA happen to discover the blush duo when i was there and was checking it out, i asked if i could have it n she gave it to me. As its 2 for $40, i got the finishing powder along with it, the finshing powder was really really smooth, never seen such smooth texture before.. LOL.. i really love these 2 buy ;)

I also bought UD gel makeup removal, forgotten to take a pic of it. I used it once, its work fine but i hate the smell.
Very strong n unpleasant.

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