Monday, November 8, 2010

Coastal sand 88 palette (matte & metallic)

My sis and i recently bought the coastal sand 88 palette, i bought the matte one and she bought the metallic one.

They are both very pretty n pigmented....

88 Eyeshadow Palette - METAL MANlA

88 Eyeshadow Palette - ORIGINAL MATTE

We bought them at $25plus each.
Before we got them, we thought they r huge from the pic online but it turn out to be quite small.. LOL..

To give u gals a rough idea how big it is, i put the stage palette on top of the coastal one. Its just a bit bigger than the stage palette...

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  1. Hi, Nattalliee.. sorry 4 the super late reply.
    I'm really bad with Blogspot.. i never realize that you left me a comment.

    I bought it online from a local seller, i bought the matte one and my sis bought the metallic one.
    They r both very pigmented and beautiful ;)