Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

The first day of 2010...

I went to catch 2 movies today, back to back...LOL

Watched Old dogs and Bodyguards And Assassins

Old dogs
2 great actors in a show, Robin Williams and John Travolta
There are abit of story line and plenty of laughters in the show.
Its about 2 best friends Robin Williams and John Travolta trying to clinch a big business deal and taking care of Robin Williams 6years old kids.  I will give the show 3 stars out of 5.
Bodyguards And Assassins

Very many great actors in the show, i will say its a big production not in term of setting n probes but in term of actors. A very male show, full of male actors n plenty of actions.

Its about a group of guys trying to protect Dr. Sun Yat-sen while he visite Hong Kong.

All the guys involved put in 100% to do their job, but its quite interesting that they did it for very diverse reasons. Common aim but for different reasons. I feel that some didn’t even really understand what is happening… But they did their job.

Some of the characters are:

Nicholas Tse : The servant. I don’t think he understand what’s going on, he just want to help his master out. A loyal guy, not to Dr Sun but to his master.
Donnie Yen Ji Dan: The policeman. He will do anything for money but for this mission he is in because of his love for his daughter

Leon Lai: The beggar. He’s in because he needs a reason to die.
Tony Leung Ka-Fai: The newspaper editor who is among the few in the group that know exactly what he is doing.

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