Monday, January 4, 2010

How to wear knee high socks

Btw the 3 pairs of socks i bought are knee high socks..LOL..
I don't really know how to wear them actually...LOL..
Oh well i can always goggles...LOL..

This is what i found:

Do's and Don'ts for Wearing Knee High Socks

Follow these do's and avoid these don'ts to pull of this tricky look.


Wear them with short skirts if you are thin and fit. This look flatters long, lean body types and can draw attention to great legs.

Pair them with a dress and Mary Janes for a more adult look.

Wear socks under boots to create an interesting, layered look. Add a dress and long cardigan for a hip, sophisticated affect.

Make a statement with an over-the-knee sock.

Wear them with long skirts if you want to stay warm but avoid the bulk of tights. It is nice not to have an added layer around your waist.

Make knee highs a wardrobe staple to transition your look in the spring and fall.

Wear sheer, lighter colored styles for spring.

Opt for dark, solid neutrals if your legs are less than perfect. Remember patterned stockings make legs look heavier.

Choose a chevron design, metallic sheen or argyle pattern if you want to appear youthful and fun.

Soak your stockings in detergent. The leather on your shoes can stain light colors and sheer styles around the ankles, heels and toes.

Avoid sausage legs. Take care that the band at the top of your knee highs doesn't cut into your skin.


Tug at socks and pull them up in public. No one looks comfortable in clothes they are constantly adjusting.

Wear white stockings with winter clothes. If it doesn't work for shoes, it doesn't work for socks.

Create a costume by pairing them with a pleated skirt, oxford shoes and a white blouse. Leave the uniform to the high school girls.

Wear short skirts and knee socks to the office. Save this look for the weekend.

Wear these socks with flat shoes. The result is too masculine.

Wear knee socks, or any socks for that matter, with strappy sandals.

Pile on too many trends at once. It's easy to go from style maven to fashion victim if you wear too many faddish items together.

Wear knee highs with shorts. Save that look for the men in Bermuda.
( i saw jap gals wearing like that, and i found it to be really cute..LOL..)
Sport tube socks off the field or outside of the gym.

Wear knee socks with kilts unless you are playing a bagpipe.
Some nice pic i found online:

Nice with shorts too...LOL...

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