Monday, January 11, 2010

Xmas LE

I really cut down alot on buying makeup and skin care... LOL..
I have not bought a single skincare since nov and bought only one x'mas LE in 2008...
This is the only x'mas LE set i bought

The laneige X'mas LE set is super value for money.  I bought it during Taka staff discount (15% off)...LOL..
It consist of : lip gloss, ES, Foundation, makeup base and samples.

The ES and lip gloss.They have similar casing

Both look like this, quite cute right...LOL..

The Set come in a gold colour case which is really spacous and i used it to hold ES that i use frequently.

Since i'm showing my ES case, i also put up my blusher case...LOL..

It only hold those blushers that i use frequently...LOL.. not my whole collect la...

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