Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Haul from Korea (super over due)

My sis went to korea and she help me and santa to CP some makeup. I must say i was really impressed with what she got for me as she don't use makeup...LOL..

This is what she got (makeup only, forgotten to take pic of the mask she bought)... LOL..

3 BB cream, 4 es, 2 blushers and a brush

One of the bb cream she bought is this set of Hanskin samples. I have being eyeing at it for so long and never really get hold of it.. I'm so happy when she managed to get this for me... Happy, Happy...

Our fav among the loots and it belong to santa, one thing i hate abt santa is, she is super fast in snatching things. Before i see it she took it le.. Irritating... :p

And of course my fav...es...LOL...

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