Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st RMK purchase

I was at Taka few weeeks back and passby the RMK counter...LOL..
My sis got a few RMK es single during a warehouse sale and they are really beautiful. So i decided to give RMK a try. Bought a lip balm, an ES quads (no.3) and a blusher (no. 3)

I really like their packaging, simple and nice. Their LE ES was not very pigmented so i give it a miss and got their quads instead.

I really like the purple at the bottom left. i find their single abit ex. Maybe i will get them in their warehouse sale...LOL..

I bought a peachy blusher, no3, again the LE was not as intense as the regualr one so i give it a miss..

Inside look like this, a bit like my esteee blusher.. lol..but much more compact.

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