Thursday, March 15, 2012

RedolynnceBathBody in Etsy

I bought a surprise goodie bag for $20 usd and shipping was $13.97 usd from Lynn. She's really nice and helpful.

I think the goodie bag cost more than $50 including shipping.

Oh well, the bag was full of goodies, I have gotten a good range of products.
I got a scrub soap, 2 sample soaps, a bottle each of fragrance oil, essential oil and moisturizer. A headache balm and a message bar.

I have used the orange soap, moisturizer and the headache balm.

Soap review
I really like the smell of the orange soap, I was never a big fan of orange soap. In fact I hate my dad orange shower foam. I'm so glade that he stop using it. I was very surprise that I actually like this soap. Lol... Though it smell great but the fragrance do not last and the soap lather very poorly. I need to rub very hard to get a decent amount of foam.

The texture if the moisturizer is really light and has a string lavender smell. I think Lynn is really very generous with get fragrance. All of the products has very strong fragrance. The only complain I have for this product is the packaging, its difficult to get the moisturizer out from the container. I usually remove the cap to get the content out.

Headache balm

This is the only product that do not have much fragrance. My sis find it smelly and it came a patch ob it like someone has tried it. I didn't bother to write back and inform the seller, any way I end up using it as a heat rub for my shoulder. Its really good as a heat rub. It's compact and perfect for traveling. I might repurchase this lol

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