Saturday, March 10, 2012

The unofficial lush products selling shop in holland village

Hi. I went holland v recently with my sis and I have heard of a shop that sell lush products at a very mark up price.
So we went with the intention to check it out.

The price there is really high, much more ex than the official lush in Singapore. For example the comforter which cost $13.90 at wistma was priced $15.

I think business was bad and the sa was persistent to make us buy. I was frank and told her about the pricing issue. She immediately offer me 20% discount. 20% off on her items make it slightly cheaper i think, base on the pricing if comforter. but it's still more ex than me getting from uk which I do quite often. But I did get something as she still have the Christmas products.

We bought soaps: snow globe,northern light & Dark angel
Plus 3 bath products: Golden wonder @$9 and gingerbread house @$9 and cinders @$6.

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