Thursday, March 15, 2012

Etsy purchase from sakurabathandbody

Bought twice from this seller. She produce good product but her customer service need improvement.

For both purchases I did not get the shipping notice. The first time i waited more than 2 weeks and I messages her through etsy. It turn out that she do not have my requested fragrance and she claim that she did message me via etsy earlier, but I had never received any. We resolved the issue and I got my things. Her scrub and lip balm are good so I went back for more.

With the previous experience in mind I message after waiting for a few days without the shipping notice. She claim that it was shipped but she has forgotten to inform me. I did receive my products. But the 2 body spray leaked and creat a mess. The envelop broke and sing post put the envelop in a plastic bag for me. She did not tap the opening of the bottles. Which all sellers I bought previously does.

overall she give me this feeling that she don't really care. I have bought from others in etsy and never received such treatment. I think that's the last time I buying from her. I really like her products but not please with her service.

First haul




Second haul

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