Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review for Davis Main etsy

I bought twice from Adria, I really really like the fragrance of her soap and her perfume oil. They are light yet intense. I have bought soap etc from so many seller on etsy and I think she's my favorite.

In the first haul, I bought tea and coffee soap sampler set and blackberry cabinet set ( sample size perfume oil and soap)

I was immediately in love with the blackberry cabinet. I love the smell. I used one of the tea soap. I love the scent and it exfoliate and lather really well. But the soap crumble very easily. After 2 wash it broke into multiple pieces. I was so sad. I really like the soap.

I really like her perfume oil so I went and make another order. I bought a $10 surprise bag and 2 perfume oil set (blood orange and earl gray) Again I really like the fragrance.

I was really happy with the surprise pack. It has so many goodies in the bag. A full size soap, a perfume oil set, 2 solid perfume and a roller perfume. Omg she's so so generous!!!

I have used a non scrub soap and was really glad it don't crumble. I used the blood orange soap, love the smell. It lather really well, producing this creamy lather. It's so nice!!!

The Earl gray solid perfume has a very unique fragrance, it's not sweet. I don't really know how to describe it. But I like it. Lol

The white tea and plum roller perfume is really really sweet and smell like preserved cherry. I didn't like it when I applied it on but after a while when it settled in my skin I quite like it. Erm... Lol. The fragrance could last for a good few hours :)

Do like Davis main Facebook as Adria do post promo on and off. She's having a sale soon on 16 march 12pm EST. It's midnight in Singapore!!! I have to sleep late Tom. It take a while to buy but the excitement after purchase will keep u awake for a bit longer. Lol

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