Saturday, March 10, 2012

Homemade bubble bar scrub

I have being making my own scrub lately. One of the scrub I made is bubble bar scrub.

I really like this as I can use any lush bubble bar I have to made.

I have already made 2 batches :)
The one below was my 1st batch and i used blue sky and fluffy white cloud to made. The recent one was made using my favorite creamy candy.

I realize that creamy candy is more moisturizing and less bubbly than blue sky therefore the 2 scrub is slightly different.


Olive oil
Sugar or salt
Bubble bar

Crush about 1/4 or 1/3 of bubble bar
Make sure it's well crushed

In another bow, add some olive oil to and about 1/3 pack of salt or sugar (small pack).

Mix the 2 up, to get desire consistency. I usually add a tbsp, enough to wet the sugar or salt.

Add the crushed bubble bar in and mix well and u will have your bubble bar scrub.

The proportion of the 3 components actually depend on u. The above ratio is just a rough guide. Happy scrubbing

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