Thursday, March 31, 2011

Serum serum...

I decided to do a ultimate serum comparism.. LOL.. comparing the cheap and expensive serum i have used. The remark and comments are strictly base on my own opinion and as different people have different skin type what work better on me may not be as good as others. (warr.. sound

Oh well.. suddenly feel like being serious.. LOL.. ok let me go on with the review.  For this post, i'm  only going to compare hydrating serum... yap...  what i have used so far are:

Chanel Precision hydramax + active serum

I'm currently using this, am finishing soon ;) (if only i can finish my makeup as fast as i finish my skincare). Its 50ml and cost about $150 i think. Usually they come in 30ml (i'm not sure the exact volume but am sure its lesser than 50ml) and this one is a LE which i remember is much more worth that's why i got it. It smelly great like every other Chanel skincare. However, i fell that its fragrance is a bit too strong for a skincare.

Its good as it keep my skin hydrated. But i don't think i'm going to get another one after i'm done with this bottle, as i don't really like my skincare to have such strong fragrance plus i'm going to pay a lot more if i'm getting the 30ml one.

Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water Fresh Aqua Serum
I just got this last week and have being using it alternatively with my chanel serum. Its about $21 for 40ml, way much cheaper than my chanel serum. But i guess every penny counts, its definitely much less concentrated. I can feel the different when I’m using chanel and when i'm using this. Lagoon water is very watery and absorb quite fast. I got combination skin and certain parts of my face can get really dry so using it alone is not enough, i use Lagoon water with my anti aging serum

Kenzoki face phenomenon

I think most of you know i'm a kenzoki addict.. LOL.. Yes, one of the products i really like from Kenzoki is their face phenomenon serum. A bottle of 30ml cost $105. I never realize that its so expensive till i was writing this review, i guess i never really feel the pinch as i usually buy when there’s a sale. Plus the SA usually give me so many GWP that make it not so ex after all.. LOL..

I think its better than the chanel serum i'm using. I still have 2 bottles as backups, so will be using it once my chanel finishes. It really moisturizes my face and keep it hydrated plus i really like the mild bamboo fragrance. I really like the bamboo fragrance, its nice but not overly strong. i'm totally addicted to their bamboo beneficial water.

Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum

Last but not least is the Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum which i could not find the pic i took.. Ermmmm.. oh well... Here is a link to the product for those who would like to know how it look like.

I bought the super Aqua serum when they are having a promotion last year, i used it once i bought. It been a while and i have totally forgotten the price of it. All i remember is, its a lot more expensice than chanel as i got both around the same time. What i do remember is,  its good and it hydrates well. But i never went back to get a 2nd bottle as the SA i always get my Guerlain stuffs left . So I stop buying Guerlain as most of their SA are quite unfriendly. No point spoiling my day when there are so many alternative out there.

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