Friday, March 4, 2011

Beauty Crunch Haul

Recently beauty crunch has a POP Beauty sale and I was really excited when I received the email.
I went and ordered a few items..
After the sale I realized that the items are still available on the web site at the same price.. ERrr.. What sort of sale is it…
oh well… I’m  kind of regretting…  buying it during the sale period as I could have bought them during non sale period with the SAME price plus I can buy other non sale stuffs to maxi my shipping charges…

These are what i bought:
Eye Shaper - Purple Popper 
Jigsaw Gem - Smoked Out Gold     
Smokey Eye Magnet Primer         
Pretty Puzzle - Smoked Out
Eye POP Trio - chelsea           
Magnetic Mosaic Face Palette    
Cabaret Bouquet                  

Eye POP Trio - chelsea    and Eye Shaper - Purple Popper

 The 2010 Holiday collection

 Jigsaw Gem - Smoked Out Gold  that contains 4 eye liners, 10 eye shades and 1 intense gold-green shade

Magnetic Mosaic Face Palette   that contains 6 eyeliners, 6 all over highlighters, 1 mosaic face bronzer, 5 eyeshadows, and one peach gold awakening Pop Eye Color.

The Cabaret Bouquet  contains:
5  eye shadow colours
matte powder
5 highlighters
2 bronzers
4  lip duos.
5  eye shadow colours, matte powder and5 highlighters

Lip colours

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