Thursday, March 31, 2011

Delivery from The Sample Store

I was blogging and waiting for my delivery from The Sample Store. A lady from TSS called me yesterday and arrange for my delivery to be send today between 8-10pm. The currier came at 8plus.. I’m so excited when I saw him carrying 2 boxes ;)

As I ripe open my parcel, I was really excited. I bought 3 sets of Hair care kits from TSS. Which come with free delivery, but i was charge with $1 when i included 4 samples.. oh well... $1 for currier, its cheap....LOL..

 I only opened 2 of them and they have identical same content.

The contents:
10 sachets of Loreal Renutrition masks,
5 sachets of Loreal Smooth Intense
10 sachets of Loreal Anti-Frizz serum,
A set of Ichikami shampoo & conditioner,
Silky Smooth shampoo & conditioner
Ba Wang shampoo.
Travel size products: Loreal Nutri-Shine and Loreal Damage Care shampoo

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