Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I bought a birthday cake for a kid lately and really like the cake so i decided to post the pic of the cake ;)

There is a new bubble store @ jurong, its called A-gantea,

located at Blk 135 Jurong East Street 13, #01-323

The one i have above is their pear fruit tea, it comes with white pearls that are very chewy.
Its nice but a bit expensive.

I have already tried a few of their drinks, my favorite is their Taro milk tea ;)

They not only allow you to choose sugar level, they also let u choose the amount of ice you want for your drink.

Here is a list of drinks, which I have tried and my little comments:

Taro milk tea

I think it’s the nicest drink they have in their stall (to me so far). The taro milk tea comes with coconut jelly and small chunks of taro. I had it @ half sweet I think. I don’t remember how they present their sugar level, I think its not in term of %. I had it twice, the first time I even add pearl (yap I’m really greedy.. LOL)

Hawaii fruit tea

It’s the first drink I tried from this stall, its nice but a bit too sweet for me even when I have it @ half sweet. There is nothing special about this drink, I think it taste like the passion fruit tea I had before in Koi or some other bubble tea store. The only diff I guess is that they have slices of fruits in the drink, I had a slice of orange and apple in mine. I’m not sure if the type of fruits they put in the tea is random as when my friend had theirs, they had lemon and apple.

Pear fruit tea

Light and refreshing with crunchy pearls, it nice but don’t know why its so ex compare to the rest of the drinks in the stall. I might get one again when I feel rich and feel like pampering

Milk cap

I think its call milk cap tea.. lol.. oh well its one of the recommended ones in their menu on the wall. In fact I have only managed to try all the highly recommended ones.

I wanted to try this when I went there for the 1st time, but the crew told me they do not have it yet. I managed to get this last Friday. Unlike the rest, this drink is not very sweet. The crew recommended me to have it at 80% I think. ( I really have to go back and check how they denote their sugar level).

I haven't try their strawberry milk tea but my friends did and says its really nice better than the Hawaii one they tried

Roselle Honey Tea

I have just tried their Roselle tea today so decided to update this posting.
Its has aiyu in it and instead of syrup, honey is used to sweeten the drink, I never asked to reduce the sweetness level this time as the crew told me not to since its only honey. I find it abit sweet but overall i still like it. the drink is a bit sour and sweet overall very refreshing for a hot saturday day.

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